by migs 27 Sep 2009

but in order for the clothes to stay on while being played with what do I use???? I hv a stiffener for the dolls; you iron it on it's like a stiff interfacing . I'm hoping that will be okay. I know some of you gals hv tried & done these :) Thanks


by debleerl 28 Sep 2009

I used a product called Applique Wonder. One side is iron on. I put this on the back of the clothes. The other side of the applique wonder has a peel-off sheet leaving a sticky surface. This is to allow re-positioning of applique pieces until they are ironed in place permanently. I just leave the sticky exposed and store the clothes on the paper backing. I'm not sure how long it will stay sticky since no one plays with the set I made, yet.

by migs 28 Sep 2009

Thank all of you for your suggestions; you've given me some options ~ if I can't find one try for the other. Hugs

by marjialexa Moderator 28 Sep 2009

I wonder, if you made the tabs a bit larger, and took that kind of flexible magnet stuff they sell in craft stores, put a piece on the back of the clothing opposite the tab, and a piece on the tab itself, would the double magnets make a strong enough magnetic field to hold thru the doll? That way you wouldn't have to be sticking anything on the doll itself and hiding the nice embroidery. Haven't tried this, it just now occurred to me. Hugs, Marji

by bikermomfl 28 Sep 2009

Use the thin velcro, Just a little spot on doll and dress shoud work fine. Have fun.....

by sllakin 28 Sep 2009

In the USA, use "Eileens Tack it over and over" glue- use a little sponge brush to paint it on the back of the clothes - use 2 coats letting dry inbetween coats. After much use if it no longer sticks - paint on another coat!

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migs by migs 28 Sep 2009

thk you sllakin, I went to the store & managed to get Aileens Tack it over & over. Quite a surprise it was here, but pleased. I also bought some felt that has a sticky back, reasonably thin. I can put this behind the clothes before applying the Tack It, preventing the glue from showing on the clothes right side. I'm hoping this will work ~ can only but give it a try.

by gerryvb 28 Sep 2009

you've got many answers .in dutch I should say: klittenband but I don't know the English name. so just a *4u

by meganne 28 Sep 2009

What about sticky back, what do you gals call it? Hook n Loop?

We call it Velcro and you can buy it on a roll, cut off the amount you need, peel off the backing paper to reveal the sticky back. You could put small amounts on the vital spots of the doll and match up the same spots on the back of the clothes.
Hugs n roses, Meganne

PS. doing it this way, if the tabs tear off it won't matter, from what I remember as a child my tabs always tore off through over use. hehehehe!

by castelyn 28 Sep 2009

Migs I think Velcro would work if you put some on the back of the doll and then on the tags of the clothes - Hugs Yvonne

by mops Moderator 28 Sep 2009

I've used a piece of elastic between the tabs. A friend of mine glued on a magnet and a loose one for the back of the doll - not such a good idea with young children.

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momzak by momzak 28 Sep 2009

Instructions on a Quilting site says to use fusible fleece.

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by lenamae 27 Sep 2009

I have been wondering that my self looks like you could use verelco You can get a glue that you spray on the back of the clothes and it will stick over and over you take them off and place on a peice of something to keep the glue on them that is what we used in the craft shop to get designs to stick on panty hose for the girls on prom night. I have some embroidery dolls and wonder how to keep the clothes on them.

mops by mops 28 Sep 2009

Can you give the name of your stick-and-stick again glue?

marjialexa by marjialexa 28 Sep 2009

You want to expand on 'designs on panty hose for prom night'? Being old enough to have worn a panty girdle to my prom, I'm having a hard time imagining what the kids are doing. Just curious, hugs, Marji