by waterlily 25 Sep 2009

I still do the yo-yo thing with those 15 lbs. Here are a few things I have done to eat healthier, feel full, and keep most of teh weight off.

Raw veggies are a good snack, but can get a bit boring...use a little fat free salad dressing as a dip. I have also used fat free salad dressing on a baked potato, instead of butter or sour cream. A good sized baked potato has only about 150 calories, and you will not be adding fat, or too many calories, using the Fat free salad dressing.

Make an omlette using just the egg white (or egg beaters) Use Imitation bacon bits( they are fat free), fat free cheese, onions, peppers (feel free to leave out those things you don't care for). You can use three egg whites and add this stuff in. You will have a huge omlette, and will deffinately be full, and the entire thing will only have 150 to 200 calories.

Fat Free cheese only seems to be good if it is melted, so use Fat free cheese for grilled cheese, or anything that uses melted cheese.

Myself...I don't shy away from carbs. Carbs are the first thing your body burns and the last thing stored. Fats are the first thing stored and the last burned. SO...I limit the fats so that my body doesn't store them, and go ahead and eat the carbs because my body will burn them first.

If I think of more, I'll post them.


by jacquipaul 26 Sep 2009

Thanks for the tips! Good ideas!

by lynlaing 26 Sep 2009

Thank you for the tips

by emily16838 25 Sep 2009

Thanks for that help I was just planning breakfast

by marietta 25 Sep 2009

Thank you for sharing your tips, Colleen

by shirlener88 25 Sep 2009

Colleen and all - thanks for the tips.

by lindaavolio 25 Sep 2009

Thank you...GREAT info!

by meganne 25 Sep 2009

Thanks so much for the ideas, I'm sure they will be appreciated by our chalengers.

If I may add another suggestion for potatoes in their skin, we use Cottage cheese and chopped chives instead of sour cream.

We also use CC on taco's (home made meat sauce with fresh tomatoes, etc) I even mince my own steak so I know there is no fat or other additives in it.

Here is an idea for a wonderful desert, full of goodness and very quick and easy to make as a treat:

Take a whole banana and slice through the skin lengthwise, but leave it on the banana.

Make several crosswise slits in the banana itself and into each slit place a slice of your favourite cooking apple, some blanched almond slivers and a few plump sultanas (not sure what you call sultanas in the US but they are the largish, fat, pale coloured fruits)

Pull the banana skin as closed as you can and cook (on a plate) for about 3 minutes in the microwave until the banana is totally soft and cooked through like a banana fritter.

You may serve with one scoop of lo-cal ice-cream or reduced fat cream or just eat on its own.

You can substitute slices of peach, plums or pears or whatever fruit you like in place of the apples and dried fruit.

Now this is a "TREAT" not meant to be eaten every night or you will undo all your efforts.

hugs n roses, Meganne

by gramsbear 25 Sep 2009

Thanxx for the tips, will put them to good use! Hope you can get off that 15! **

by sandynavas 25 Sep 2009

Thanks for the encouragement, Water Lily - I didn't weigh in this morning but I have a "Nana Day" scheduled with one of my GDs and I know that may possibly entail breakfast out.

I, at 5'10" weighed 250 at the start. I cheated and got on the scale on Day 3 and had gained 3 pounds. I mentioned that I am the only one who can see the weight gain since meno and that's only because the water in my eyes following my shower just seems to magnify my mirrored image.

GOOD LUCK TO ALL. I made a pot of collard green soup last night (the first time that I really know that I've eaten collard greens) and I can tell everyone that they are delicious!