by migs 24 Sep 2009

Also what rose cupcake are you talking about; is this a farley new post that I missed?


by jacquipaul 26 Sep 2009

Glad you've gotten your answers and we're all on the way to a peaceful transition to the new site.
When you d/l the roseberry cupcake, be aware that the PES does not seem to d/l correctly, so I converted from HUS using Wilcom.

by gerryvb 26 Sep 2009

there is still the O, the site is working now :)

by grandmamek 25 Sep 2009

I just left there. The web site for Stitchery Mall is up and running.

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migs by migs 25 Sep 2009

I did manage to get on today, thks

by colonies1 25 Sep 2009

thanks for the onfo

by iris2006 25 Sep 2009

Migs, I just entered tgheir page and there were no new designs from Jane (Holyalpha) or Sonia (Pretty acorn alpha).

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migs by migs 25 Sep 2009

thks, I tried again today & actually made it on the site. I was beginning to worry.

by marjialexa Moderator 25 Sep 2009

Migs, here's the link to the "Rose Cupcake" post and discussion. Hugs, Marji

by stork 24 Sep 2009

It's still down as of three minutes ago. I hope I don't miss Sonia's acorn's great and I plan on using it on purses for gifts.

by ksieminskie 24 Sep 2009

I've been checking to there is a design I need. one time Thur a link it said they were moving the server again and they hope to be back up later today .?????are they from Atlanta Georgia area you know that there is a great flood in that area. SASSY

by jasanne 24 Sep 2009

I copied this from Sonia's yahoo group regarding the stitchery mall..

Here is what is happening with the mall.
The server was moved the other day when I mentioned it, however, the new
location turned out
to be incompatible. SO, the server is being permanently moved to a great
new home in Dallas where it will have 24/7 attention. That means that is
something causes
the mall to crash as it has done recently, there will be someone to attend to it

The mall should be back online sometime tomorrow. I will announce it when it's

Believe me, I feel your pain, but all will be better once we get through this.

Once it's back on, I will leave the latest letter up an extra day.

Please feel free to copy my message if someone elsewhere asks.

Thank you for your patience.

Sonia Showalter

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jacquipaul by jacquipaul 26 Sep 2009

So glad for the move since you felt it was necessary. Thank you so much for the wonderful alphabets that you provide for us and for a beautiful site!

by sewmom 24 Sep 2009

I have been having problems too. I get on occasionally.
This is the only rose cupcake I know of.

by coco128 24 Sep 2009

same here...and I really need the "O" did say that they were changing server or something...just hope I can get the "O".

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migs by migs 25 Sep 2009

get your 'O' ASAP, it seems it's abt time for her to change the letter? Just a feeling by her recent change of letters