by frannie 24 Sep 2009

How do you vote for Cute? I would be more than happy to vote if I knew how, this is the most awesome site!!!!


by iris2006 24 Sep 2009

Hello Frannie welcome to cute. Here is your answer that jrob (Jerrylin) wrote for us all, you can find several things under the tag tutotial in the blue text left hand site.
1. Turn OFF your pop-up blocker. 2.Click on the free design for the day. 3. Just below it next to where you choose your format, you will see "click here to vote this site", do that. 4. You will then be on a mostly blank page that says, "Enter this site." click there. You have voted and CANNOT VOTE AGAIN for 24 hours, either exactly or just more than 24 hours between votes. 5. Turn your blocker back on.

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frannie by frannie 25 Sep 2009

Thanks for the info Iris, appreciate it. I voted and will continue to vote daily!