by free3wil 23 Sep 2009

off with them. I do a lot of shirts, bags, etc., for people with small children, I try really hard to discourage putting the childs name on clothes, most especially. It scares me to death to think that someone might grab a child because he called that child by name and I put that name on the shirt or bag. Please be so very careful. Our children are precious to us all!


by nonmusicmom 24 Sep 2009

This is very true. When I was working at Childrens World and La Petite as a trainer I double stressed the importance of the children not having thier name on them when going on a field rip for this very reason. We only put the name of the center and the phone number. When I make tags for back packs or lunch bags I make a clar plastic sleeve on the back where parents can put this important info on a buisness card so it isn't in plan sight. Yes our children are to preasice to take a change of them being injuried.

by maryanns66 24 Sep 2009

I agree with you 100% and this goes for adults as well.
I make wire other addiction..and I have requests for names made from wire. In most cases I talk the customer into going with initials. They are so appreciative when I tell them why.

by memasanders 24 Sep 2009

Point taken. I to have discouraged my daughter from putting the boys names on thier bookbags I made them tags with thier initials and put them on the bags this way the kids know it's thiers but no one knows the names.

by marietta 24 Sep 2009

Thank you for reminding. It is a fantastic tip, and a person do not always think when doing it.

by colonies1 24 Sep 2009

i very careful.

by ruthie 24 Sep 2009

Thanks for posting this sweetie, very good advice, love and hugs.

by sandynavas 24 Sep 2009

If I may - two of my GDs went through "Safety Town" a couple years ago. The younger one (6 at the time) showed how much she paid attention to one aspect. They stressed how they were not to talk to strangers. The last day of the program they took the 'students' to the park. An undercover policewoman was staged to attract the attention of one of the children. They just happened to pick on our little black-haired beauty. Armed with a bottle of bubbles she lured my GD to her car and the child would have gotten in if it had been a stranger and not a law officer who was a plant. You cannot believe how gullible the kids are until something like this opens your eyes.


by kezza2sew 24 Sep 2009

Very good advice

by meganne 23 Sep 2009

Such very good advice. I won't even put initials on children's clothing as it gives strangers a conversation starter!!
hugs n roses, Meganne

by jacquipaul 23 Sep 2009

Have never put my GS name on his items, unless it is on the inside. Linings are seen by him alone, and he knows that Nana made them, with love, for him.

by maryjo 23 Sep 2009

I will not put childrens names on items I embroider.
My DIL has asked me several times to put my GS name on items. I have explained to her why I won't do it. I suggested initials but she wants his first name. So she pays someone else to do them. He has several items that are very visible to the general public with his name in big bold letters. I cringe every time I see them. Worst part son is a State Trooper and should certainly know better!

by mad14kt 23 Sep 2009

A GREAT Safety Tip reminder ;D *2U