by migs 23 Sep 2009

Boy what's up with the links to the stitcherymall; seems like one minute it works, & then try till your blue in the face :)


by auntbaba 24 Sep 2009

I tried this AM (5:30 DST), and I still couldn't get in.

by gerryvb 24 Sep 2009

same here too.*4u

by colonies1 24 Sep 2009

thanks for letting us know I was wondering too

by tippi 23 Sep 2009

I have been trying since yesterday and can't get on. Just tried again a few minutes ago. No luck

by stork 23 Sep 2009

I just tried a few minutes ago and it's still not letting me go to their link....I guess we'll have to wait.

by shirlener88 23 Sep 2009

Not sure - but I did get a message saying it would be Thursday - before they expected it to be working. *4U

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tippi by tippi 23 Sep 2009

Thanks Shirlene. Now I will wait until then before I try any more