by sanjoy51 23 Sep 2009

To everyone that was in my contact list, recently I had my contacts hijacked and emails went out to everyone in it that was suppose to be from me the subject was RE. This did not come from me and it is a virus. Now another contact that was on my list has been hijacked and came back to me as Hi, u This is also a virus. We will now be setting up a totally new email address and will let our friends know when it is done. Thank you Sandra H. Australia


by colonies1 26 Sep 2009

it happened to me but all they did was take my address and send an email trying to sell stuff. No virus.......lucky I guess

sanjoy51 by sanjoy51 26 Sep 2009

this can also be identity theif

sanjoy51 by sanjoy51 27 Sep 2009

also yes it is a virus that has taken your address and send emails in your name. It will be hiding in your computer. I hope you have searched for it and that you are not doing internet banking or it could go there too.

by ksgram1 25 Sep 2009

It always seems the lousiest things happen to the nicest people. Hang in there Cutie. We're all here for you and know that you would never do such a mean trick. Sure hope who ever did it gets theirs. SOON! Hugs ***

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sanjoy51 by sanjoy51 26 Sep 2009

yes what goes around comes around thats for sure. I just hope nothing bad happens to anyone.

by iris2006 24 Sep 2009

o sorry to hear about your e-mail problems Sandra, hope you get it solved soon :0)

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sanjoy51 by sanjoy51 26 Sep 2009

thanks iris.

by marjialexa Moderator 24 Sep 2009

ttt, this is important

by marjialexa Moderator 23 Sep 2009

Sandra, do you know where the virus came from? I am so sorry this happened to you! I have a separate e-mail account just for embroidery-related things, at Yahoo. If anything happens to it, I don't lose much. You might consider something like this, if you are accepting forwarded e-mails from people. A lot of viruses are in those forwards. I have them blocked on my real e-mail, anything with fw or fwd in the subject line is just deleted from the server and I never see it. I hope you get this squared away, and get your information back. Wish people would find better things to do with their time, sigh, like get a job? If all these hackers would work for NASA, we'd have a colony on Mars by now! Grr. Hugs for you, Marji

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sanjoy51 by sanjoy51 26 Sep 2009

I dont open forward emails very much I havent got the time to sit and read them and they just build up. This time I dont want to get any of them only emails chatting with my embroidery friends. I have unsubscribed to many sites as well that I was on before so this should be better too. This is the second time it has happened so I am not taking any chances of it happening again. Thanks for your thoughts. Hugs Sandra. P.S. when I organise it I will be known as Sweetpea and not Sanjoy51. so I will see you in the garden of flowers. lol. Sandra

by mad14kt 23 Sep 2009

I had that to happened to me before me. Everyone on my list knew my character so they knew I didn't send those e-mails *2U

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sanjoy51 by sanjoy51 26 Sep 2009

yes a lot of my friends knew it wasnt me and I even had a fraud resercher for the police send me an email to tell me they thought I had a virus, because she was on my list as well along with many police officers and government dept. so they will get a shock. My good friends let me know as well. Its horrible when it happens. The only thing I have is the emails that had been sent and I am going through them and getting all the addresses that way in the hope to keep it safe and not search for any, just incase I have missed something on the computer and it is waiting for me to do that to trigger off again. You wouldnt know. I hope you can get all yours back too. Good luck with yours. Sandra

by kezza2sew 23 Sep 2009

What a worry...hope it doesn't cause you too much stress....Have a good day.

sanjoy51 by sanjoy51 23 Sep 2009

Stress is not the word, I feel violated as they not only wiped my messenger and my contacts in my emails but they wiped out all my sent emails as well.

meganne by meganne 24 Sep 2009

That's strange as I recently lost all my sent emails in Outlook but Norton's hasn't picked up any viruses and nothing else has happened.
Hugs n roses, M

sanjoy51 by sanjoy51 26 Sep 2009

yes my virus scan said that there was no virus and neither did windows defender, but when I ran a-squared it found it attached to an application I had recently downloaded. It's gone now but worry it will find its way back.