by ddoersch 21 Sep 2009

Has anyone ever seen a FSL peacock feather?


by lbrow 22 Sep 2009

Yes & I have one but have had it for a long time & do not know where it came from except that it was a digitizer that does a lot of beautiful designs, especially window designs. I will try & track it down. *

marjialexa by marjialexa 22 Sep 2009

Not BFC-Creations, Lilian? Their windows are spectacular, but I don't remember seeing a FSL feather. Hugs, M

lbrow by lbrow 23 Sep 2009

You are right Marji I need to quit scanning so fast & get it all. they have peacock feathers but no lace. Thanks for straightening this old lady out LOL

by kezza2sew 22 Sep 2009

No not I.

by manami 22 Sep 2009

I havent seen any too, good item to digitize :)

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cinderoak by cinderoak 22 Sep 2009

Yoriko, be sure and let us know if you do digitize one! As gifted as you are, I am confident it will be beautiful! Blessings!

by colonies1 22 Sep 2009

no but hope someone can help you

by shirlener88 22 Sep 2009

No - nut I hope someone comes along & let's you know where one is!

by nonna57 21 Sep 2009

Darlene, Check out Mel08. Sandynavas has put a link in and there is a peacock . Beautiful :)

by emily16838 21 Sep 2009

No, but wanted to say hello

by marjialexa Moderator 21 Sep 2009

No, I haven't, but wouldn't it be beautiful done in metallic threads? Good luck, hugs, Marji