by cinderoak 16 Sep 2009

In trying to set up my design folders, it was almost overwhelming to decide where each design should go. What are your criterias you use to decide? Do you have folders and subfolders? If a design is multiple catagories how do you handle those? HELP!!!!!

love and blessings, judy


by dixie 17 Sep 2009

I make up folders & put the pictures of the designs next to them. I usually add sub folders some types eg. Flowers then Have 1 for small flowers 1 for med & 1 for large. I also have folders for some of the places where I get them eg Cute Embroidery the have sub folders in it eg. Applique etc. Also I keep 1 for all the designs that I hav'nt got pictures of with sub folders again. Then when I want a design I just go to my computer and find the one I want and send it to my machine or sometimes if I'm doing a lot will add it to a flash drive or my memory card
Hope this gives you a few ideas & good luck with it.
It took me hours because I use to just keep downloading them and I could'nt find what I wanted so now it is much easier. Also it is really worth getting AVA FIND which is a free download which is fantastic to help find anything on the computer as long as you know the name or even part of the name and it is so quick it finds some before you even finish typing in the name

by 1ladyb 17 Sep 2009

I have a program called PED-Basic and it is set up much like what Megann was saying. You definately need a program to see your designs without opening them up all the time. That makes searching so tedious.You can call the folders what ever you like to help you remember what is in that folder. I group things together like cats under Animals then I may list under cats, lions, tigers, kittens etc. Sometimes if they are a small group like dragons & snakes I just put them in the same folder under the main heading of Animals. I group them to what kind of animal they are since I don't like looking for something in several places. If an elephant is a real one or cartoon I put them together. With flowers I group them to the kind of flower they are. Like roses,pansies,iris,etc under the main heading of Flowers.I also have a folder under Flowers that is Misc. and that holds many different flowers but they don't need their own folder. Some designs need to remain in a set so I will keep them together and put them under sets.I try to add the site I got them from someplace in the description of the design so I know where I got them. I then make a list of the different places as a key to the abbreviation I used for that site or person.Once you get started you will find your own style that fits your needs.Good luck and have fun. It's so much nicer when your designs are organized.

by colonies1 17 Sep 2009

every one does it different. I use folders and sub-folders seems to work for me.

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cinderoak by cinderoak 17 Sep 2009

That seems to be the majority! Blessings and thanks!

by shirlener88 17 Sep 2009

Judy, you have some good answers and this I know - we each have our own system - becasue it works for us - I have tried several and ended up - with the didtitizers as the main folders - then the files titles or categories. *4U

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cinderoak by cinderoak 17 Sep 2009

Thank you Shirlene, you make it sound so simple! Blessings!

by meganne 16 Sep 2009

Easy answer to this question,
go to the link below and read the article there, it is one of the easiest to understand and would be almost what I would tell you, except for one main thing.

We all have triggers (memory joggers) that help make us remember things, so for me it is easier to put things where I'm most likely to think of straight away. For example, a cartoon type design of an elephant is, first and foremost an animal, but it isn't a real animal, it is a cartoon, so for me, it goes under Animals\Land Animals\Cartoon

Whereas, if it were a realistic elephant, it would go under Animals\Land Animals\Wild

I will usually change the name and put the inititals of the digitiser/website in front of it, eg. CuteElef01.pes; YorikElef01.pes; SickElef01.pes.

I only have 18 folders under the main one of "Aembroidery" (the reason for the "A" is so that the embroidery folder will be right at the top of the "My Documents" Folder)

So it looks something like the picture below, (if you double click on it, you will see an enlarged view).

If you look closely at the highlighted folder "13 LACE", then look in the right pane, you will see the sub-folders I have under the main 13 Lace.
The reason for the numbers from 01 to 18 is so that the computer won't automatically sort in alpha order.

One thing I do advise, if you don't have Embird, buy yourself the $20 program "SEWICONS" as it will make it so much easier to see your designs in Windows explorer.

One day I will create a tutorial and folders etc, but I just don't have enough time right now, sorry.

hope it helps anyway, hugs and roses, Meganne

meganne by meganne 16 Sep 2009

Oh, one more thing always, always, always save the "licence" text file with the design! You may have to rename it the same as the design, so it doesn't get separated and also because they are all usually just called licence.txt.

My reason for doing this is twofold:
1: it proves you are entitled to have the design;
2: If you ever need to know who created the design and you can't remember from the name you changed the design name to!

cinderoak by cinderoak 17 Sep 2009

Meganne, ooooo pictures! Love that! I had already hinted to my dear hubby about the Sewiconz software. I have never seen the license files, even on my purchased designs from What is it and how do I recognize it if it doesn't say licence.txt?
Again thank you for everything! Blessings and love, judy
ps. Do freebies usually have this licence thingy???

by manami 16 Sep 2009

Great start, Judy! I have folders by category and then subfolders. Like Animal>animal earth, sky, water>file name and I add the website or digitizers name. Also I keep a separated folder for Cute embroidery>categories, etc. It works for me, and makes it easier when Cuties are looking for a specific design.
Love and blessings, Yoriko

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cinderoak by cinderoak 17 Sep 2009

Thank you Yoriko! Blessings!

by ruthie 16 Sep 2009

Judy, I do mine the same as Marji, only that I don't rename my designs. I think it's important to know which digitiser and to be able to sort by category. Personally, I think the main thing to organising designs, or anything else for that matter, is to do it so that it makes sense to you! Love and hugs sweetie, and wishing you much success in organising all those 'millions' of designs, haha.

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cinderoak by cinderoak 17 Sep 2009

Thank you Ruthie!!! Blessings to you!

by annesarts 16 Sep 2009

Years ago, I found and downloaded a program from It comes with 1240 premade folders by subject (there is a sample on the page). I added to it and after a while, eliminated folders I was not likely to use. I just tried it again, and I'm unable to unzip the download. It's worth giving it a try because if you can get it, it's very helpful. Good luck.

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cinderoak by cinderoak 16 Sep 2009

Oh I am going to check this out in the morning when I can think more clearly! That sounds wonderfully simple...which is good for me!! Blessings and thanks!

by mad14kt 16 Sep 2009

Mines is OUT OF CONTROL...LOL I have started dl them with the designs name also. One day I have it NICE & PRETTY until then...FIESTA ANYHOW ;D *2U

by marjialexa Moderator 16 Sep 2009

By category, and by digitizer, like the other gals. If it could go in two categories, I put it in both places. I don't really care if I have duplicates, because I have a huge hard drive and I'm the only one that uses the computer. I also keep the digitizer's name for the design, and add any information I want after the digitizer's name. For instance, "designsbycuties12345" may be a cat sleeping on a pillow. When I download it, I make the name "designsbycuties12345 pillow cat". If I forget and go to download it again, I can see that I already have it. Hugs, Marji

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cinderoak by cinderoak 16 Sep 2009

Thanks Marji! So you use the website source as the digitizer? I am still trying to figure out how you know who to credit with the design...more help please! love, judy

by lv2sew 16 Sep 2009

When I download a design I add a prefix to the design name and then send it to my external hard drive..The only designs in folders are the ones that are downloaded as sets such as a font or an ith design with multiple pieces. EXAMPLE: If I download a single design say of a ladybug I use the prefix BUG in front of the original file name..and for an ith hoop designs I use ITH. I chose to do it this way as I have misplaced or moved designs from folder to folder so many times that I was losing my mind trying to find one..Now all I have to do is open up my Ehd and I can find them in a snap! Great question!!! *4u

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cinderoak by cinderoak 16 Sep 2009

Oh an excellent idea about the external drive, do you use it as a back up or as stored for use?

by alexgrandma 16 Sep 2009

I use BuzzXplore. It lets me sees the designs on my computer. I also use the folders and subfolders. It is also real important to back up your computers every month or so.

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cinderoak by cinderoak 16 Sep 2009

Thank you, I hadn't heard of BuzzXplore. I guess I will check into that. Blessings!

by wendymay60 16 Sep 2009

I have a folder named 'Designs by group name:- DO NOT DELETE'. Then I have sub folders within this folder with designsers eg. 'Cute Embroidery Designs', 'Amazing Embroidery Designs', 'Adorable Embroidery', 'Ann the Gran', Etc. Then within each Designers folder I have sub folders 'Alphabets, Designs, Redwork, FS Lace, Applique etc. Then under these I have sub sub folders 'animals, Transport, Flowers, Nature etc. This makes it easier for a look through my pattern using 'Windows Explorer' We all have our different way of keeping our designs. ALWAYS KEEP A BACKUP. I alway keep the zipped files in folders also. Best of luck.*4u all For multiple catagories I keep in both places

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cinderoak by cinderoak 16 Sep 2009

Yes I try to ensure the backup process is consistent! Thank you and Blessings Wendy!

by ahgirlblonde007 16 Sep 2009

You're getting the hang of it... I have organized mine by fonts, animals, bugs, holidays, girlie girl, boys will be boys,etc... then I have sub folders. No when I download my clipart to digitize I put those by artists so I know who to give the credit to. Hope this helps. I still feel overwhemed at times knowing I have something and not being able to find it. But I guess that happens! lol...

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cinderoak by cinderoak 16 Sep 2009

Thank you, do you collect the artwork to digitize yourself or for others? Blessings!

by mmgreyhounds 16 Sep 2009

I organize them by digitizer. I have favorite digitizers and since their designs are all together I know where to look first for designs that always stitch out good. Then I do subfolders under the digitizers.

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cinderoak by cinderoak 16 Sep 2009

Oh that isn't something I had thought about, I haven't recorded any of the digitizers. Where do you locate the names of who makes the design? Thank you and blessing!

by mcgraw 16 Sep 2009

Be like me, don't know where anything is hahaha,lucky i dont have many designs but i need to do some organizing as well before i get too many. *4u

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cinderoak by cinderoak 16 Sep 2009

Ahhh a kindred spirit! Blessings!

by americangirl 16 Sep 2009

Sounds like you are on track.
I use folders for everything with subfolder inside. For example, I have alphabets, then I have floral fonts, butterflies. . .You get the idea.
If you save things with the name and where you picked them up you can always search so if you can't find it right off, you just type it in your search and it tells you where it is.
Good Luck on your organizing!

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cinderoak by cinderoak 16 Sep 2009

Thank you, I discovered I had an organization problem when I tried to download a font and the website told me I already did but I can't find it.