by mommajo 16 Sep 2009

Easier way to down load would be nice too instaed of one at a time


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by jjjj 18 Sep 2009

I've always said - well ever since I became a member of this site - that I get an education reading others questions. This time it is dkjack that has enriched my learning. See answer below. I did not know about this check box, but will be using it in future.

by mommajo 18 Sep 2009

Thank you for all the help and the warm welcome

by sewmom 17 Sep 2009

I also cut and paste the color charts to a word document for each alpha or design and put them in a folder (on the computer not on paper) with the designs. I have a separate word document for each category (alphas, lace, Christmas, etc.) Those documents have at least one picture of the alpha or design pack and and I type in other search words so that I can use it as a library. For example if there is a picture of a bear with a heart I might file it in the animal folder but I would also be able to find it if I search for "heart" by typing that word on the document. I also put the picture in the heart document and note that it is located in the animal folder. I'm sure there are computer programs that would do this better but I haven't looked into it.

by colonies1 17 Sep 2009

I sometimes print them out and others I save to a file along with the design.

by dkjack 16 Sep 2009

I don't d/l a lot of the color charts but I have on occassion. I choose "Print" and when that comes up look for a very small box to check "Print to file". Then save it where you will be able to find it or with your design which ever you are doing. Once saved you can open whenever you like or need to print.

Welcome to Cute. Hope to see you here often.

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jjjj by jjjj 18 Sep 2009

Thanks for this info (the check box on the small print box). I have learned something new, again, from reading others questions and answers. Isn't this a great site?

by wendymay60 16 Sep 2009

Open the colour chart then I used to right click on the printing then click on 'select all' right click again keeping all selected then then copy then I would past into a word document. keeping one for each alphabet eg all petite Fleur in one doc & save in the folder with the alphabet, the same with flowers etc Now I save into Excel as it dosn't use as much space & it's quicker to check what I have, for Cute Embroidery, I use a sheet which I rename for Alphabets, Animals flowers etc. I keep an excel file for each, Amazing, Adorable Applique, etc. I also u right click on a letter of the alphabet & save a jpeg (etc) if I can. *4u all. Forgot to say if u don't want the cute heading for each letter do a manual select from the start of Design Name to the end. When u past this into excel u will need to click on the picture of the alphabet letter (or design) & shrink it to fit within the square by placing your pointer over the courner dot, pointer will change to a angle line with a pointer each end left click on then push up to shrink.

by cinderoak 16 Sep 2009

Welcome to Cute Mommajo! Blessings!

by debswebster 16 Sep 2009

What a perfect question Mommajo, I have wondered that same thing. Thanks to Shirlene for the advise. I wish I knew this sooner as I have no printer anyway, so I just rely on my computer software to give me the colours required.

by shirlener88 16 Sep 2009

mommajo, WELCOME to the CUTE family - to contact the CuteEmbroidery people - you click at the bottom of this page - CONTACT US. As for how to save the color charts instead of printing - I do the same as Lois - but instead of the save link - I do a right click on the picture and SAVE AS - if I am in Explorer - you can click the PAGE down arrow and SAVE AS, as well.

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lv2sew by lv2sew 16 Sep 2009

This is how I do it to and sure does save me on ink and paper..

by loish 16 Sep 2009

Don't know of any way to download more than one at a time, but if you left click on the 'Print color chart' and than click on "save link as", then name it to match the design file, you will have it. I usually do a Cntrl-C to save the name when I download the design and then a Cntrl-V to paste when I save the color chart and change the file type to .htm
Hope this helps. And Welcome to Cute! Hope you will love this wonderful place as much as we all do. Hugs and a flower to you.(see tutorials on left for help)

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loish by loish 16 Sep 2009

Oops, sorry, mind going. Of course it is RIGHT click on 'Print color chart' to get the menu!!