by migs 14 Sep 2009

Well girls got Blk 11 today, which I hv to do; won't get finishing instructions till next month thou. So you'll hv to wait a little longer to see the mystery quilt finished :)


by shirlener88 15 Sep 2009

Marg, well if you are in a holding pattern - then so are we - we can harly wait - but what choice do we have - Hehehe! *4U

by lbrow 15 Sep 2009

Playing the waiting game has always been difficult for me migs, but I'll wait anziously. *4U

by modo 15 Sep 2009


by kezza2sew 15 Sep 2009

You sure you are not holding out on us,,,,
I cannot wait to see it...

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migs by migs 15 Sep 2009

No, I'm not holding out lol; I'll hv to get cracking on all that top stitching so I don't keep you waiting too long for the finished item.