Colors: 17 


Design #: 35476
Price: $1.00
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Size (in): 3.98"(w) x 3.82"(h)
Size (mm): 101 x 97
Stitches: 13000
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girl alphabet
Pircy by Pircy 17 Jun 2018

Thank you very much

roslyn by roslyn 01 Sep 2010

Thank you what a little "cutie"

jacquipaul by jacquipaul 31 Aug 2010

Thank you; she's a great girl.

jules by jules 31 Aug 2010

great design thankyou

ladyboo by ladyboo 31 Aug 2010


sewdenise by sewdenise 31 Aug 2010

Thank you.

renee59102 by renee59102 31 Aug 2010

thank you this is perfect....

tabbybenji by tabbybenji 31 Aug 2010

I love this alpha. Hadn't seen it before. Really useful design

fekla by fekla 31 Aug 2010

Thank you!

neuza by neuza 31 Aug 2010

Thank you

bevy by bevy 31 Aug 2010

Thank you.

rosannacaria by rosannacaria 31 Aug 2010


omasimmons by omasimmons 31 Aug 2010

Thank you.

kuttage by kuttage 31 Aug 2010

Thank you

catsnhorses by catsnhorses 31 Aug 2010

WOW! She's gorgeous!! I hope we can vote to get this whole alpha. I just love it! Thank you.

dawnsray by dawnsray 31 Aug 2010

very cute thanks

joann7657 by joann7657 31 Aug 2010

thank you

holly12 by holly12 31 Aug 2010

Thank you she is really cute. Arlene

debcarlson by debcarlson 31 Aug 2010

what a cute alpha! thanks

teresanta by teresanta 19 Feb 2010


slovenka by slovenka 27 Mar 2009


abeille78 by abeille78 01 Feb 2009

Merci beaucoup...
MMany thanks!

slovenka by slovenka 01 Feb 2009


juanitadenney by juanitadenney 01 Feb 2009

Thank You!

zedna by zedna 01 Feb 2009

Thank you!

sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 01 Feb 2009

baie dankie baie mooi!!!

lenamae by lenamae 31 Jan 2009

cute thanks.

cuddlebear by cuddlebear 31 Jan 2009

Thank you.

luiginadg by luiginadg 31 Jan 2009

thank you

arnold by arnold 31 Jan 2009

Thank you would like to see other letters.

lynlaing by lynlaing 31 Jan 2009

Thank you

gerryvb by gerryvb 31 Jan 2009

lovely, and the letter of my first name too!

naehfee by naehfee 31 Jan 2009

vielen dank

a1lotte by a1lotte 31 Jan 2009

Vielen Dank für das schöne Motiv.

tolgamum by tolgamum 31 Jan 2009

Lovely. Thank you.

albers by albers 31 Jan 2009

erg leuk dank u

kraai by kraai 31 Jan 2009

thank you

patv by patv 31 Jan 2009

This little girl and her teddy are beautiful. THANK YOU!!!

damaris by damaris 31 Jan 2009

beautiful design thanks

darenluan by darenluan 31 Jan 2009

Sweety Girl. Thanks.

luiginadg by luiginadg 15 Sep 2007

what a nice girl! Thank you

kezza2sew by kezza2sew 15 Sep 2007

Isn't she just Darling... thanks muchly

omasimmons by omasimmons 14 Sep 2007

She is so cute... Thanks.. Omasimmons

sandralochran by sandralochran 14 Sep 2007

Lovely Thank you

kaipo by kaipo 14 Sep 2007

I cannot say how much i love this font

thank u

codyestey by codyestey 14 Sep 2007

She is very cute Thank you

a1lotte by a1lotte 14 Sep 2007


boltonia51 by boltonia51 14 Sep 2007

beautiful design great for a monogram

carola by carola 14 Sep 2007


lavern by lavern 14 Sep 2007

I would also like the answer to workingwomans question as i can not see any info anywhere Thank you beautiful designs!

gerdien by gerdien 14 Sep 2007

Gerdien,14 sept 2007

Beautiful, just what I like, my G .

weenie by weenie 14 Sep 2007

Very cute

06jannie by 06jannie 14 Sep 2007

She is so sweet, thanks

280449 by 280449 14 Sep 2007

dank je wel

workingwoman by workingwoman 27 Jul 2007

I like your designs, especially the alphabet ones. My question is, if I join are all the designs for the alpha there or are they being distributed one at a time? Thanks for your response.

tmbache by tmbache 08 Jun 2007

thanks GREAT love them all keep up the great,generous work

nine by nine 08 Jun 2007

Très joli!


carola by carola 08 Jun 2007


ritageysen by ritageysen 08 Jun 2007

bedank voor girl

gramsbear by gramsbear 08 Jun 2007

I LOVE these designs, Thank You so much.

mad14kt by mad14kt 08 Jun 2007


glocfacemyer by glocfacemyer 28 Mar 2007

I like this very much. Good choice.

cora by cora 21 Jan 2007


footscray by footscray 21 Jan 2007

g for gorgeous, great, good and most of all generous - elizabeth

kbspecial2 by kbspecial2 21 Jan 2007

too cute, how do I get the rest of them, this is the first one that was sent to me....

gbgrammy by gbgrammy 20 Jan 2007

Love the attention to detail!

pokeyjane by pokeyjane 20 Jan 2007

Great Site !

sylvieschatz by sylvieschatz 20 Jan 2007

Vielen Dank für das schöne Motiv.

patriciagreenwood by patriciagreenwood 20 Jan 2007

Really cute design thanks so much.

katiequilts05 by katiequilts05 20 Jan 2007

Thank you she is wonderful

arddy22 by arddy22 20 Jan 2007

says its a free design to try how do i get it in .pes or get it in anything as i can change format

omasimmons by omasimmons 20 Jan 2007

Thank you for sharing.. Very cute

nine by nine 20 Jan 2007

Thanks a lot for the nice design.

lhuillery by lhuillery 16 Jan 2007


coolnanny by coolnanny 15 Jan 2007

lovely, ty

nancyrob by nancyrob 15 Jan 2007

Thank you. This will go on a beach towel for my granddaughter Grace.

shadow by shadow 14 Jan 2007

thank you for the lovely embroidery

bootscoot by bootscoot 14 Jan 2007

Really cute, thank-you for sharing!

nettiebavis by nettiebavis 14 Jan 2007

Cute Alpabet!!!! I'm doing a quilt with the Alphabet!!!

annabell131 by annabell131 14 Jan 2007

She is gorgeous thank you

splash by splash 14 Jan 2007

this is a lovely design. it will go on the new quilt project. thankyou

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