by cinderoak 09 Sep 2009

The crew is due out this morning to install but storms are brewing. My first thought isn't that the old roof would that would make sense!

I panic when I see the radar image and think, "Oh NO! All the new shingles and tarpaper are going to get Wet!"
Good thing my husband loves me!

ok you can stop laughing now ;)


by lbrow 12 Sep 2009

They have the roof covered by now surely & all your worry was for naught. Quit causing grey hair. LOL *4U

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cinderoak by cinderoak 12 Sep 2009

I would love to tell you yes Lillian, but we are still raining here in Texas. My old roof is holding and my new shingles are stacked neatly in a row still bundled.
Good news is the drought is being relieved! We are now hoping for a Monday install on the roof! All is well.

by pennifold 11 Sep 2009

Now that bought a smile to my face - I'd think the same thing - but then I'm not logical, or so my husband says.

Great to see you have a good sense of humour.

Laughter is the best medicine! Haven't got the coffee, but the cereal is in the bowl!

Love and blessings Chris

by sqdancer 11 Sep 2009

Laugh and the world laughs with you cinderoak...keeps us all young...hugs x0x0x0x

by shirlener88 11 Sep 2009


by jacquipaul 10 Sep 2009

Here on the east coast (USA) we're having lots of rain; if you were here I guess it would get wet.
Sounds like the logic I'd use too. Not laughing at you; I promise!

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cinderoak by cinderoak 10 Sep 2009

Funny thing is we have had a severe drought here in central Texas, hadn't seen rain since early May. Soon as the roofers schedule we have had rain for almost 24 hours straight! Should've scheduled sooner!
oh and it is ok to laugh at me...I can think of worse things!

by marjialexa Moderator 10 Sep 2009

Well, sometimes we just have to entertain ourselves when there's nobody around to entertain us, hee hee hee. As Jerrilyn said, "Bless your heart," hee hee hee. Good one. I have found that sometimes logic is dependent on a certain amount of coffee. Hugs, Marji

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cinderoak by cinderoak 10 Sep 2009

coffee...good. I just need to remember laughter is healing!

by jrob Moderator 09 Sep 2009

Sorry, but this deserves a, "Bless your heart." ;)

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cinderoak by cinderoak 10 Sep 2009

Thank was funny to me, sorta the bright spot of the morning AFTER I drank my coffee!

by asterixsew Moderator 09 Sep 2009

Better the new tarpaper and shingles getting wet instead of the inside of your house

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cinderoak by cinderoak 10 Sep 2009

what can I say.

by blhamblen 09 Sep 2009

OHHH YEA That's a GOOD one!!!

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cinderoak by cinderoak 10 Sep 2009

I had to share since I laughed so hard, sometimes you just need a smile!