by dkjack 07 Sep 2009

petals threads together. The pattern did not say it was FSL. Soooooo does that mean I need to stitch on organza? Told you it was a brillant question. :) Also, I made new sheers for my dinning room and kept the old ones hoping to use for stitching something. Would this material be okay to use? :) Thanks


by ruthie 08 Sep 2009

Deborah, I don't see why you can't use your old sheers for embroidery, just make sure you use sufficient stabiliser, if needed - I have done things like this wothout stabiliser, depends on how stiff the fabric is, and how dense the design. Love and hugs sweetie, have fun doing your 3D flowers.

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dkjack by dkjack 08 Sep 2009

Its very sheer material so I thnk I need a stabilizer. Will let you know.

by cinderoak 07 Sep 2009

What a great question! I learn so much from all of you, thank you for asking and answering!! Flowers to you both!

dkjack by dkjack 07 Sep 2009

You will learn a lot here. I was terrified to try anything new until I found this site. Now I am always thinging of something. I do get myself in some pickles. :)

ruthie by ruthie 08 Sep 2009

Deborah, getting ourselves into a 'pickle' is how we learn - well done sweetie.

by shirlener88 07 Sep 2009

Oh - here is the rest of the story - Hehehe! Have fun. *4U

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dkjack by dkjack 07 Sep 2009

You are so funny Shirelen! :)

by debleerl 07 Sep 2009

Test stitch one of the design pieces on organza and hold it up to the light. If the stitches intersect and support each other it is freestanding lace. If you see areas where the stitches do not connect to each other then it's not. You can stitch most fsl to organza so if you use it you don't accidently get a handfull of string when you wash out the stabillizer. Yes, you can use the old sheers. I've done it plenty of times. Good luck.

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dkjack by dkjack 07 Sep 2009

Thanks. Boy am I going to have fun stitching now!

You are right. I can tell from using my program that no stitches interect so none of them are FSL.