by dinkie 06 Sep 2009

I have gotten only 2 emails this week for double freebies. Where can I get the rest of them?

Thanks, Dinkie


by gerryvb 07 Sep 2009

you've got the answer, *4u and yes they are so cute!!

by daisy530 07 Sep 2009

Aren't they cute? I never get emails from cute :(

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gerryvb by gerryvb 07 Sep 2009

just click on the pink banner here above.

by cinderoak 06 Sep 2009

Just click on the GO button. It is at the top of the Cute page where it says 2 New Free Designs Every Day!!!
They are worth the effort! Blessings!

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dinkie by dinkie 06 Sep 2009

OH! Thanks you so much- got them and they are so CUTE!

by louise2333 06 Sep 2009

Are you looking for the Birthday designs? If so look up see the pink "Cute Embroidery Week"? Click on this and there they are....and they couldn't be "cuter"!