by annatjievdw 03 Sep 2009

Sandynavas you also mentioned that you downloaded it and that it was free. I used but no EOS3 do download but there were other stuff that I downloaded. I am actually looking for a free digitising program (a good and easy one).


by clueless 04 Sep 2009

so there are programs out there that will convert like my machine is pes but when i downloaded some freebies they was hus i believe i deleted them thinking i could not use them

crafter2243 by crafter2243 04 Sep 2009

Don't delete them there are free programs out there that convert them one of them is TAJIMA FROM Pulse Mircro System

clueless by clueless 04 Sep 2009

well i did not know this thank u so much i just downloaded this and will give it a try i did delete the others but now i am seeing u have to pick the one u need like i need pes so i guess i did not pick right format i know i sound and really feel dumb right now

by evajungermann 04 Sep 2009

Sorry, misunderstanding!
EOS DIGITIZING programm is not free, the EOS Viewer is free (you have to register and it is the speedy cd occurring at the website you have got the link to (it is the correct one)).
EOS Viewer is a file manager, which allows to look at your design collection, convert formats, drag and drop and sorting and such things. You can not digitize with it, but it does these very nice other things for you- love it.

The only serious free digitizing programm I know is the Thredworks one.
I did not go to deep into it, I got the impression that the artwork you can use for this is limited to some special formats- but they have good instructions, a handbook and it is worth a try before buying an expensive one.
I know about other "free" offers on the web, but those you just can use online and as far as I know you will not own what you designed.
So Thredworks is a good start, I think, to learn the basics and understand the rules, which all different programms has in common.
The user-interface may be different, the rules behind are the same.
This leads to "easy".... I'll have to pass this.
Digitizing is not! easy when you want quality.

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annatjievdw by annatjievdw 07 Oct 2009

Hallo Eva and all the rest of you. Thanks for all the advice and the links. Will definitely try thredworks. Clueless you never delete any format cause there are lots of converter programs out there. I use Buzz Catalog and can convert anything except VIP. Sorry guys I was on holiday and after that got very busy and also had a nerve breakdown so I did not get to the computer. Stay well and keep on doing the good work. Annatjie