by jasanne 03 Sep 2009

They swarmed into our front yard and the front doors were open at the time - so quite a few ended up inside our living area. I freaked, and shut myself in the other half of the house! I'll leave the next hour or so to your imagination...

Later on after I'd stopped panicking we contacted a bee keeper who came over last night and collected them into a hive. He will will come back in a few days to collect the hive and it's new occupants.
Hubby took these pics while they were still in the tree they had chosen, which by the way is only about six metres from our front door! The bee man said they had moved in permanently by the way they had set themselves up in the tree.


by jacquipaul 26 Sep 2009


by jacquipaul 12 Sep 2009

Merci beaucoup; wow; those are amazing pictures! Glad you shared.

by quiltgrama 07 Sep 2009

Holy Hana thats alot of bees. Glad you have someone to take them away.

by ruthie 06 Sep 2009

Whoa jasanne, I don't know how close you had to get to take those photos, but I'd have do take them from behind a window, I have dreadful reactions to bee stings! Lovely to look at though, thanks for posting sweetie, love and hugs.

by shirlener88 06 Sep 2009


by clawton 05 Sep 2009

That's quite a hive!!! Now sure I would like it in my yard.

by marjialexa Moderator 05 Sep 2009

What a glorious swarm!! I'm so glad you called a beekeeper instead of reaching for insecticide, Mother Earth thanks you for that! Generally swarming bees don't sting, they're too busy looking for and setting up a new home. And boy, are they loud when there's so many! Thanks so much for the photos, will be anxiously awaiting the honey, hee hee hee. Hugs, Marji

by sherylac 05 Sep 2009

My goodness!!! What lovely photos and so many bees, I can only imagine the noise they were making

by lbrow 04 Sep 2009

Marvelous pictures. Around here lots of people have hives & the honey is so good. Hope the Bee Keeper keeps u in honey now. What u need is Pooh Bear around with his hunny pot *

by manami 04 Sep 2009

Oh, I love bees!!! My father was a beekeeper, besides working with his supermarket. We used to produced royal jelly, honey, propolis and queen bee for exportation. My uncle also works with apiculture besides his flower farm in south of Japan. It's lovely to see the picture. Thank you for sharing!

by harmzen 04 Sep 2009

Good for phoning the beekeeper. My hubby is one in his spare time and I have learnt a lot from him. Bees is very amazing, but you do not want them close to your house. Luckily you saw them move in, a lot of people only discover bees after they have been there for a while. Tks for sharing with us.

by mariahail 03 Sep 2009

This is beautiful, you are so lucky. Bees are dissapearing so please you need to take real good care of this ones!!!******************

by clueless 03 Sep 2009

oh no i am alergic to stings i would of been in trouble but the honey is so good

by asterixsew Moderator 03 Sep 2009

Interesting. I work with someone who keeps bees and beekeepers are always ready to oblige if there is a swarm for them to collect

by marietta 03 Sep 2009

Oh my goodness, I do not blame you for panicking. Lovely pictures. I was in a double dekker bus on top floor, when a swarm of bees flew right into it, boy was I glad there were no open windows. I still freaked out, yet I love honey bees.

by gerryvb 03 Sep 2009

Oh dear, lovely pictures but I freaked out also if they were in my tree.

by pennifold 03 Sep 2009

Wow Liane, they look awesome. I love honey - I bought some beautiful Macadamia honey from our local buyer's market 3 weeks ago and boy is it good! We had a hive in our back tree for a while a couple of years ago, but I just had to stand there and hose them away. You see it's where our Kookaburra's have their nest every year and I couldn't not have the birds there.

Love and blessings Chris

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meganne by meganne 04 Sep 2009

Now Chris, I hope you will go and pick up some of that Macadamia Honey for me for when Polly and I come up for a visit, Pretty Please.
A 1kg bucket would do me, I don't care what it costs. I loooooooove honey.
Hugs n roses, Meganne

by blhamblen 03 Sep 2009

OMGosh...I tooo would have FREEKED...I bet the bee collector was happy that you called:)

by jasanne 03 Sep 2009

There are quite a few of them. They are now settling into their new 'hive' quite nicely.

sandynavas by sandynavas 03 Sep 2009


I'm just curious - how did you get pictures to load in the private section?

I tried on something last night and I couldn't find anyplace that I could upload them.

Wait until you have a sample of that honey.

jasanne by jasanne 03 Sep 2009

I added them by replying to my own post.