by sambsranch 02 Sep 2009

My Husband is home now, but still needs alot of attn: His right adrenal gland was removed along with a mass the size of a softball... During surgery the Dr. nicked his colon, but said "It didn't leak and they were able to clean the area and put a few stitches to close the nick... HE said we need to watch him for fever and infection... So far so good! "neither happen" The mass was sent to pathology, now we are waiting for the results... Dr. said, maybe a few days... The waiting is enough to drive us crazy!!! My poor hubby is still in so much pain from his back along with the pain from his surgery... I just wish I could take it all away for him... As they say... Time will heal all, its just time is soooo slow right now... I will post more later as Im needed...

TYVM for all concerns...
Sam :)


by tanuja 04 Sep 2009

all the best to u and ur husband. take care love tanuja

by ksgram1 03 Sep 2009

Just wanted to give you both another hug this evening. So glad the pain has eased up some. I'm holding real positive thoughts. Whatever the outcome, remember, we're here for you. We care! ***

by bokkieborduur 03 Sep 2009

Sam while your hubby is so sick , try to read something or to keep you both busy with something you both love. Just being together let the time past so fast. Both of you are in my prayers. Love Marie

by manami 03 Sep 2009

Sam, glad your husband is home, sending my prayers for speedy recovery. Love,Yoriko

by meganne 03 Sep 2009

One down and the results will be good I'm sure.
The hardest part is the waiting but the best part is the relief when you get the good news.
Keep smiling, stay positive, you have all our prayers and all our Angels watching over you both.

Here's praying for a speedy recovery so you can progress to surgery no 2 and be able to put this all behind you.
Hugs n blessings, Meganne

by relaxsew 03 Sep 2009

Our prayers are added with everyones. We hope for continued success and a speedy recovery. Do take care of yourself also.

by sambsranch 03 Sep 2009

We want to thank each and everyone of u for all u'r love and prays... U have touched our hands, our hearts... We want to let u all know we appreciate all of u and u'r thoughts... I can't take the time away from my loving husband to send out a message to each and everyone separately... We r taking it one day at a time, the pain seems to easy little by little... As we get threw this stage then we will be looking at surgery # 2. His back surgery! this one is causing most of his pain... I'm sure as soon as the relieve from the nerve compression in his back, he will be feeling a whole lot better... Again, Thank u all... R4U all & (((Hugs))) too...
Sam :)

by iris2006 03 Sep 2009

Sam, so glad that your husband is home now and every day is a day closer to his recover. Also every day will take a little bit from his pain away. You husband will be glad with a wife like you to look after and care for him. Take every day as it comes and don't forget to take care for yourself too. You and your hus band are in my thougts, Thanns for the update.

by waterlily 03 Sep 2009

My prayers are with you and your husband! I hope that all is OK with him!

by gerryvb 03 Sep 2009

it's agood thing he's home, now let's pray he will recover soon and the pain will soon go away.

by marietta 03 Sep 2009

Glad to hear that your husband is home. There is nothing better than your own home, and loved one's, for recovery, and though it still looks as if pain will never go away, before you look things will be better. Hugs and God bless. Marietta

by castelyn 03 Sep 2009

Sam, Glad to hear your husband is home.
Hugs Yvonne

by colleta 03 Sep 2009

We will add you and your husband to our prayers. ;)

by daisy530 02 Sep 2009

Waiting is the hardest part--you are there for him--and we are here for you--how sad that some people go through this alone. Hang in there--Time goes by so fast. Just your words that you take his pain says alot about your relationship. I do believe with all my heart in God, but also have faith in doctors. They want the best for their patients! I think your hubby is so very fortunate to having a loving wife like you, and I bet he knows it. Love, Daisy

by ruthie 02 Sep 2009

Thanks for the update Sam, I know what you mean about waiting for results driving you crazy, and time really does go slowly while you wait. Just remember that we're all here for you sweetie, and look after yourself. Love and hugs to you, and you are both in my thoughts and prayers.

by jrob Moderator 02 Sep 2009

Sam, I'm happy that at least this part is over. You are making forward steps to his recovery. Please take care of yourself, too. He needs you to be healthy. I know you are worried, but try not to, for we are not in control.

by tippi 02 Sep 2009

Sam, Glad to hear your husband is home. Surgery always has so much pain involved. Each day the pain will be less. My prayers are for both of you.

by sandynavas 02 Sep 2009

All our prayers! Sure hope you can relax soon.

by jacquipaul 02 Sep 2009

Dear Sam,
My heart and prayers are with you and your DH. Blessings to you both.

by ksgram1 02 Sep 2009

I'm sending you both a big hug and a heartful of love and good wishes. The prayers continue as well. ************(bouquet of your favorite flowers)

by cinderoak 02 Sep 2009

We will continue praying and standing against infection! Thank you for the update Sam. Remember as you wait, that the results are only information to help. Rest in the Lord and He will renew you!