by lacat 30 Aug 2009

This is not a question, but a warning. As careful as we can be, and I have been, my computer is infected [badly] and I just want to pass it on, be careful everyone.


by ruthie 01 Sep 2009

Thanks for the warning lacat. I haven't had a virus etc cause problems on my computer for quite a few years, and touch wood, I won't get one either! But then, I stay right away from sites that I don't know, or that look a tad 'iffy'. I use AVAST, it's free, and scans every file 'before' it actually downloads. And it is constantly checking my HD all the time I'm using my computer - and what's more, it doesn't slow down my computer. It has picked-up a heap of stuff that my other programs missed. You have to register every 12 months, but there's no hassle and it still remains free. Love and hugs sweetie and sorry for your troubles.

by marthie 31 Aug 2009

Thanks 4 the warning. After I found the Cutie site I do not visit other sites that often anymore. A very good anti-virus is AVAST.

by mad14kt 31 Aug 2009

I know the feeling. I have to take mines to the doctor but it's a hardware problem or something. Hoping your computer is back up and running *2U

by lacat 31 Aug 2009

I want to thank everyone for their comments of thoughtfulness and suggestions, I appreciate all of you.

by jrob Moderator 31 Aug 2009

Sorry that happened to you. We should all use the best care we can to avoid it happening to us, including software and care in the sites we visit.;)

by gerryvb 31 Aug 2009

sorry to hear this, thanks for warning us,*4u

by babsie 31 Aug 2009

I have Kaspersky and find it very good. It does however decide what I can do and what not, so much so that I suddenly find that I cannot scan a document, just because Kaspersky decided that it poses a risk! Of what I would like to know, I was only able to scan after I told him (must be a him) to allow it.

by marjialexa Moderator 31 Aug 2009

Yes, it's too bad people have nothing to do but build viruses and trojans and spyware, if they'd go to work for NASA we'd have a colony on Mars by now, or at least some better operating system than Vista, hee hee hee. I have the big paid version of McAfee, and scan everything, and only go to a few trusted sites. I don't need designs that badly. And the heck of it is, even good sites can get hijacked, look at what happened to Yoriko. Sigh, why can't people just play nice? Oh, well, be careful, Cuties! Hugs, Marji

by meganne 31 Aug 2009

The best reason for not chasing freebies.
And it sure makes you annoyed at the person who posted the link to the site too.
The moderator of another of the groups I am on has been recommending a program called Trend Micro.

Below I have added a link to the Top Ten Virus programs, review.

No excuse not to be protected, eh?
hugs n roses, Meganne

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cracker by cracker 31 Aug 2009

Trend Micro is what I had when got zapped by 2 viruses. It would hide them along with Kerperskies and let them sit and gather information attacking your system.
I use Advist now and it's free. Had it before on a nother computer and never had any problems with it.

by manami 31 Aug 2009

This is a great post, Lacat. I also quit lots of sites, just collecting Cute alphabet, amazing designs and Designs by Sick now. I also quit the yahoo group, got a trojan warning there, and reported to the group owner. I read on Sick's forum that the Chinese site also have virus...I just can't take any risk to get my pc infected. Hugs,Yoriko

by kathyflores 31 Aug 2009

the same thing happened to me too !
And i was on this site when it happened . so i dont go to anymore sites . i hate missing the designs but its not worth messing up our computers.

by castelyn 31 Aug 2009

So sorry to hear this

by shirlener88 31 Aug 2009

*4U - so sorry!

by cracker 31 Aug 2009

Another option is to save all designs to an external hard drive. If you have to remormat your computer as I have had to do several times, you still have your designs that a virus scan can be run on as well. After i run my scan each week, I back everything up on a CD I save nothing to the computer except for football pictures i am working on at the time and have a back up of them.... just incase.

by colonies1 30 Aug 2009

I'm beginning to just go to site I am sure of. I can't afford repairs.

by cracker 30 Aug 2009

I quit going to alot of sites. I got hit 4 times this year and changed my virus scan twice. It's not worth it to me. I miss alot of the nice designs..... though there are a few I still collect... other than that I pay for them. For what I have paid to have my computer fixed this year, I could have bought a NICE new one.
Be careful out there.

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lacat by lacat 30 Aug 2009

Very good advice, for all of us, and especially me at this time. thanks a lot.