by prampelb 29 Aug 2009

I am looking for free digitising lessons / help for PE Design from Brother software - in english, french or dutch. Can any one help me? Thanks. Pat


by dlmds 17 Nov 2009

Hi, Google "Rose Cottage". She has free digitizing lessons for PE Designs. Hope this is a heip. H&*.

by ingrid68 17 Nov 2009

Try going to the Brother website and have a look there. I downloaded the instruction manual for PE Design 7 from the Australian location of the Brother website. The manual is some 350 pages long and it has helped me to use the PE design digitizing program. I hope this is of some help.

by simplyrosie 17 Nov 2009

These aren't free, but lots have said they like Embroidery Academy.

by modo 17 Nov 2009


lcoste by lcoste 17 Nov 2009

sorry, what is ttt

simplyrosie by simplyrosie 18 Nov 2009

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by francoisen68 31 Aug 2009

Unfortunatly, these lessons are not free but a very good e-training are possible (in french) - here is the link :
You also have e-training here :
Good luck.

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prampelb by prampelb 01 Sep 2009

Waw!!! I love this! Merci! Pat

by prampelb 31 Aug 2009

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by gerryvb 30 Aug 2009

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by marjialexa Moderator 29 Aug 2009

Bringing this back up for more help for Pat. I thought I remembered several of us using PE Design, just not me. Hugs, Marji

by jofrog2000 29 Aug 2009

I would check out yahoo groups, pretty sure there are some for users of PE Design.