by cinderoak 28 Aug 2009

Everywhere I go they are either poor quality or already decorated. We want to put the school logo on it since the baby comes to work with her. My dear hubby recommended I ask y'all...he's so smart!

Thank you and Blessings! love, judy


by daisy530 30 Aug 2009

Hi there! Wish you could have seen what I saw today at a Carter's store. They had red, longsleeved, turtleneck onesies (they call they "bodysuits"), for $7. Do you have a Carter's store? If you want me to pick one up for you, just send me a PM. I looked on their website and didn't see them. If you do have a store nearby visit them--really good prices. I almost cried looking at the size 3 clothes--they looked sooooo big for my DGS! He's still my baby!

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cinderoak by cinderoak 30 Aug 2009

We have an outlet mall nearby, I will check for a Carter's. That is about the same price as the bulk order without shipping...hmmm. Thank you Daisy!

by ahgirlblonde007 28 Aug 2009

You may be able to try this company...
I have ordered things in the past, they are fairly reasonably priced, and they even have distribution centers that you can pick up the products and avoid shipping costs.

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cinderoak by cinderoak 29 Aug 2009

Thank you, surely one of these will be in our budget!

by shirlener88 28 Aug 2009

Good luck dear - I haven't seen any, myself - so I will leave you with a * - Shirlene

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cinderoak by cinderoak 29 Aug 2009

you are so sweet....

by sukiray 28 Aug 2009

Try latsportswear. 1-800-414-5650
Excellent quality. They are wholesalers, so if you only need a couple, just ask to buy a sample. They come in 22 colors, and red is one of them.
Hope this helps.
Have a nice weekend. Sukiray

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cinderoak by cinderoak 28 Aug 2009

I will check it out! Thank you Sukiray!

by jrob Moderator 28 Aug 2009

I get some of mine here. They have red long and short sleeved.

cinderoak by cinderoak 28 Aug 2009

Thank you for the link...exactly what I was looking for, though a bit pricier than I can do right now. I saved the site for the future! thanks again for everything! judy

sandynavas by sandynavas 28 Aug 2009

I saw red ones at our Hobby Lobby just last week. I was looking for blue and they had that, too.

Hope you have a HL nearby and they have some, too. Not expensive at all.

cinderoak by cinderoak 28 Aug 2009

Thank you Sandy, I will try that. I love the quality on the one site and will do a bulk order when funding is smoother. Till then I will do a single. Blessings