by free3wil 28 Aug 2009

I need to know what exactly is free standling lace and what is it worked on? Fabric? Water soluble stabilizer? I have not seen any FSL so don't quite know what I should do. thanks to everyone!


by ahgirlblonde007 28 Aug 2009

I see you have plenty of great answers... but wanted to welcome you.

by shirlener88 28 Aug 2009

free3wil, WELCOME to the CUTE family - we do hope that you ask many questions and answer some that you can - check out the project section - as has been suggested - you have been given many great answers - as has been said - I have a love of lace. I do use the mesh type WSS - the same thread in the top as in the bobbin - start with something easy and work your way up - or something that you really want - it is the same as stitching any other embroidery - really - you just have to remember - you will have trouble from time to itme - with either your machine, your thread or the design. the great thing about FSL is that - when you finished stitching it - you rinse it - let it dry and you have your project - right in front of you - something that you made with your machine, a design and materials - something that isn't attached to another article - something done by you - what a miracle that is in it's self. I hope you enjoy FSL and if you have more questions - feel free to ask. *4U Shirlene

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free3wil by free3wil 28 Aug 2009

Thank you so much for your advice, Shirlene! I appreciate your helpfulness, and will be trying my first piece first a.m. Believe me, I don't have a problem asking questions, I know I have so much to learn about mach. emb. and all the help everygone has so willingly given is muchly appreciated. Thanks again!

by wendymay60 28 Aug 2009

Yes do try & you'll love it. Cute Embroidery has a daily free one so go to the 'Lace' section & download the one for today. also click on 'Designs By Cuties'(end of the blue bar) & at this time Manami has a FSL pink flower (FSL little flower_August 18 2009) u can download this & any others in this section Free. Also Manami has her own site & has some new FSL on it. just click on the picture of the doily it will take you to the page of the set. Link below. Also on the home page is 2 free letters J & K of FSL Alphabet this is only free for about the next 11 hours & 26 minutes. Enjoy. *4u & all

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ahgirlblonde007 by ahgirlblonde007 28 Aug 2009

thank you for the link

by cinderoak 28 Aug 2009

I am a newbie also and I LOVE to do FSL! My dear hubby is always so impressed!
Welcome to Cute, I pray you will be blessed here. I know I have been :)
* to you!

by debleerl 28 Aug 2009

You have your answer, so give it a try using the free lace design. The little heart offered today is a nice start or got to and try her free heart. Both are nice designs for beginners. I think you will find FSL is beautiful and very addictive.

Welcome to Cute!

by marietta 28 Aug 2009

Welcome to Cute, you have some good answers. Defenitely check Shirlene's work on projects, and beware !!! you become addicted to doing FSL. Enjoy. Marietta

by jrob Moderator 28 Aug 2009

Welcome to the site! I see your question has been answered, I just wanted to let you know that I'm glad you stopped in.;)

by marnel 28 Aug 2009

The FS means free standing, that refers to the fact there's no fabric in it. You sew it on water soluble stabiliser. Shirlene prefers the fabric like type, I use a heavy plastic type. After stitching it you cut close to the outline, then rinse it in water, put it on a towel to remove excess water and let it dry. There's a tutorial on FSL on EmbLibrary, where the process is demonstrated both on video and in a words and pictures (down-loadable as a pdf-file). Give it a try, it's lovely.

free3wil by free3wil 28 Aug 2009

Thank you so much. I had sort of decided it was on water soluble, but was not sure. Will check out emblibrary right now! Thanks again.

mariahail by mariahail 28 Aug 2009

Great answer!!!!*****

by tanuja 28 Aug 2009

hi there welcome to cute. the best prson to ans all ur questions on fsl will beSHIRLEN she is our QUEEN OF FSL.chk her beautiful laces in the project section.

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free3wil by free3wil 28 Aug 2009

Hey, I do appreciate your tip. Will check out her projects immediately. Thanks to all the cuties who help, not only me but each other. I have learned loads! Thanks again!