by jasanne 27 Aug 2009

I figure tearaway would be softer, but cutaway would give more support on the flannel to keep the design nice.

I have never quilted before and always said I never would. (never say never!) I have no idea what I am doing except for tips I've read here and other tutorials I've found. I figure a raggy quilt is an easy option (she hopes) to try first anyway, and they look so cute and snuggly.


by daisy530 30 Aug 2009

Use tearaway! Flannellette is not stretchy, so why mess with anything but the easiest? I did this whole quilt with tearaway. Isn't flannelette the best?

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marietta by marietta 30 Aug 2009

Soooo cute.

by marjialexa Moderator 29 Aug 2009

Well, I'm making a lap quilt with flannel and vintage kitty patterns, and using felt as a stabilizer and batting in one. The design itself looks deep and quilted on the felt, and the felt 'batting' will stay right in place, being sewn down by the design. I'll let you know how this works out in "real life", right now it's mostly theory, and a few squares I've done, but they look really cute. Hugs, Marji

jasanne by jasanne 29 Aug 2009

It sounds really nice, and the theory sounds good - I'll be interested to know how it works out.

meganne by meganne 30 Aug 2009

OH dear Marji, I do hope you thoroughly washed the felt as it is known to shrink up to 25% of its size and this would ruin your beautiful quilt.

I found this out by talking to a professional felter at the Stitches n Craft show that Pauline and I went to 2 weeks ago.

I wanted to embroider on felt and sew the felt patch on my GD's poncho, but she advised me against it as the felt would shrink every time the poncho was washed, unless I washed it 3 or 4 times first.

Hugs n love, Meganne

marietta by marietta 30 Aug 2009

Wanted to ask the same question, knowing that felt shrinks after being washed. It must be washed more than once, because just like 100% cotton and even linnen, it can still shrink for a couple of washes.

marjialexa by marjialexa 30 Aug 2009

Ok, it's USA felt, and I think it's all polyester. I did wash it, but I measured it and it didn't shrink but a tiny bit. I washed the flannel, too, and threw both in the dryer on high heat. Maybe our felt is made different to the Aussie variety? I use it a lot, and other than sometimes getting a bit out of square, never have a problem with felt. Interesting. If I ever get the silly thing done, I'll put it in Projects. Hugs, Marji

by sukiray 29 Aug 2009

You may also use "Fusable Sheer mesh". I get mine from Terradon Embroidery. I also use their Marathon thread. It's very shiny and strong. Nice people to work with. You may ask for a sample if they have available. Hope this helps.
Have a nice weekend. Sukiray

by shirlener88 27 Aug 2009

Lianne, you have very good answers here - why don't you use the mesh cutaway that you would for a T-shirt - that would be very soft and strong as well. Just a thought. I love rag quilts. Can't wait to view yours in projects. *4U

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jasanne by jasanne 28 Aug 2009

Thankyou, I have some now I got from SiCK - I will try that.

by lbrow 27 Aug 2009

As the others say, your best bet is cutaway. *

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jasanne by jasanne 28 Aug 2009


by jrob Moderator 27 Aug 2009

Barb is right, use a cutaway. You can use a light to med weight and it should not make a difference in the feel of the quilt and you have chosen a good place to start. Good luck.;)

jasanne by jasanne 28 Aug 2009

Thankyou, I have stitched a couple of designs with the tearaway, then started to wonder how it would hold up if it gets washed and loved a lot. I will do the rest with tearaway.

jasanne by jasanne 28 Aug 2009

oops I meant cutaway!!

by blhamblen 27 Aug 2009

I used cutaway on holds the design better! Especially if it a thin could just pull the design thru to the backside!! Again this is just MY experience with my project!

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jasanne by jasanne 28 Aug 2009