by sambsranch 26 Aug 2009

I haven't been able to do much of anything as My Husband has been going threw a lot of test and is headed for the first of three surgeries next Monday...

1st. they r taking out a tumor mass the size of a softball that is growing in and threw to the out side of his right adrenal gland... The Dr's said with his size "Big Teddy bear" the surgery is going to be harder on him...

2nd. surgery a little later will be back surgery "again!" With everything going on his back went out and need surgery on L5-S1 again... But this time it will be in the left side... The Dr said the nerve is being compressed, he has pain all the way down to his foot... He can't sleep can't stand or walk anymore from all the pain and the Dr's have put him in a wheelchair, now I have to push him around for all his appt's... I don't know how I will be able to keep this all up as I have a bad back as well! I hear Tall people r prone to bad backs!!!

3rd. He will need surgery to take out his gallbladder as it is not working right, when he eats some foods it puts him in a lot of pain... He has had 2 attacks already and the Dr's said if he has another, he is to go to ER and have ER-Surgery right away!
With all this going on... He has lots over 60 pounds in 6 months! If he loses any more I told the Dr's I will have to tie a rock to him to keep him from blowing away in the wind... He can't afford to loose much more as he only weight about 60 lbs more then me and I'm not a heavy person...
Any way! that's my store... Wish us luck... We need it!!!

Love to all,
Sam worried and in despair!!


by caydebug 26 Aug 2009

Sam, My prayers are with you and your husband. God is so Good. Depend on him Prayers and many of God's blessings, Libbie

by castelyn 26 Aug 2009

Sam, I'm so sorry to hear the bad news about your husband, I hope that they can sort all the problems out.
You must look after yourself as well.

I know how you are feeling, my husband has had 2 big back ops. already.
You both will be in my prayers,

Hugs Yvonne

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sambsranch by sambsranch 27 Aug 2009

Yvonne, TYVM May God bless u too... I still don't have time to try the designs, but if someone else doese, please let me know... Hugs...
Sam :)

by sambsranch 26 Aug 2009

I mean to say is... He has lost over 60 pounds!!!