by sondray 23 Aug 2009

Oops, I'm so sorry I thought I was posting in freebies. Can my posts be moved, please?


by lbrow 24 Aug 2009

Don't worry about it sondra none of us r perfect. *4U

by sondray 24 Aug 2009

Thanks everybody, didn't want to start a ruckus, lol. I love this site!

by marjialexa Moderator 24 Aug 2009

No problem, maybe Veronika will move them. If you're having trouble finding the tab, etc. I've added a link to a tutorial I wrote for the new freebie tab, with pictures, hee hee hee. I hope it helps, hugs, Marji

by draco 24 Aug 2009

Don't feel bad. I have done the same thing. :o)

by colonies1 24 Aug 2009

mistakes are time you will be right here is a flower......

by ruthie 23 Aug 2009

sondray, only Veronika, the site owner, can move your post, but don't panic sweetie, you'll get it right next time. Love and hugs to you.