by cleusaap 22 Aug 2009

First I would like to thank all of (the) information, my friends are marketers just do not understand the sewing machine, Bernina we have here, but not this specific model, I entered the site, but did not provide any form preço.De you all



by manami 22 Aug 2009

Cleusa, se vc precisar de alguma ajuda, conte comigo. Tente colocar o resto da sua pergunta, conforme Marjialexa comentou abaixo. Abracos,Yoriko

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cleusaap by cleusaap 23 Aug 2009

Obrigada Yoriko, era o preço da Bernina 830, ja consegui

by marjialexa Moderator 22 Aug 2009

Cleusa, your question got cut off, because you can only put 196 characters in the first box. I'm adding a link to a tutorial I wrote on how to ask a longer question. You could put the rest of your question in an answer to this one, if you want. Love to be able to help you. Hugs, Marji

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cleusaap by cleusaap 23 Aug 2009

Thanks, I just wanted to know the price of the Bernina 830, has not yet arrived here this model, already consegui.Cleusa