by cleusaap 22 Aug 2009

Please, someone knows the price of the Bernina 830, I live in Brasi and need to send money to a friend who lives there (USA).

I would appreciate if someone can collaborate


by kttyhwk4 02 Sep 2009

suggested by the manufacturer is $12,000.

by akemi 02 Sep 2009

Ola Cleusa,
Você pode entrar em contato para mais informações.Posso te informar as vantagens e desvantagens.Akemi

by bevintex 01 Sep 2009

Why doesnt your friend in the US contact Bernina on your behalf. It would seem the friend could get some price quotes and perhaps printed info. If your friend is doing the buying for you that may be your best route.

by lbrow 01 Sep 2009

Cleusaa U have gotten answers with some very good advice. Please heed them. *4U

by glicia 01 Sep 2009

OI,Cleusa!Se vc pretende comprar uma 830 sugiro cotar com a Paulinia Imports em Sao Paulo,hoje conversei com o Mauricio (dono)e o preço da 830 está por volta de R$25000,00,considerando que o preço é quase o mesmo,não compensa comprar fora do país,pois caso aconteça alguma coisa,vc. nao terá direito a assistencia tecnica aqui.Comprei a minha 440 QE com eles e nao me arrependo.Sei que eles entregam em todo o Brasil e fazem questao de fazer o treinamento pessoalmente.Estou a sua disposiçao para maiores duvidas, Glícia

by stitchship 22 Aug 2009

I called different dealers for you, in different states. Some don't want to give the price over the phone, but the price range I got was from $10,000 USD to $13,000 USD. They said that it would be best to come in the store so that you can see the machine yourself.

It is really hard to tell how much you will need to send your friend without knowing the state your friend is in. And even in the same state, a person can find a big difference in price once you shop around.

I do agree. This is a machine that will require some customer service from a dealer.

by jrob Moderator 22 Aug 2009

This is what I could find online:
BERNINA 830 will not be priced under $10,999.00 The MSRP for the Machine is $11,999.00 and most of the dealers will be selling them for that price.

by colonies1 22 Aug 2009

good advice............good luck............TTT

by shirlener88 22 Aug 2009


by debleerl 22 Aug 2009

I don't know, but they are very expensive. So, be careful ordering from the US. We have some very strict export laws and if the machine is not shipped correctly it could get lost in customs. Try going to Bernina's website and looking for a dealer in Brazil. Or do a websearch for "Bernina" + Brazil. If you need service, you would be better off with a dealer near you. If you can't find Bernina in Brazil, you might want to consider another brand. Good Luck!

by sambsranch 22 Aug 2009