by damaris 22 Aug 2009

update on back. It is doing better. MRI showed it is healing. Dr. said no lifting yet. Still to take it easy. I can drive some now. Maybe I can get some projects done now


by bokkieborduur 23 Aug 2009

Great news. Welcome back Hugs Marie

by iris2006 23 Aug 2009

That is great news, glad that thing seems to go better but don't forget to take your time and don't overdo. :0)

by damaris 23 Aug 2009

thanks everyone. Good to be back doing some things again. I can now find fabric in my closet.

by lbrow 22 Aug 2009

Wonderful news Damaris. Mind the Drs. now & do not push too hard. It takes time as u r finding out. *

by manami 22 Aug 2009

Damaris, hope you get better soon! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless you always, Yoriko

by marietta 22 Aug 2009

Hi there, please take it easy, as I have seen what a bad back, and doing things too quickly can do. My hubby had a back operation, and I think he started doing things too fast, and he is suffering now. Keep the sunny side up. Hugs. Marietta

by harmzen 22 Aug 2009

glad for u, enjoy your projects

by jrob Moderator 22 Aug 2009

Dee, use great caution when you begin doing things. Back problems are no laughing matter and you can re-injure with the slightest move. I'm happy to see you return.;)

by colonies1 22 Aug 2009

take care and don't rush it. Will look forward to seeing what you are going to make

by shirlener88 22 Aug 2009

Dee, do take care of yourself - look forward to viewing your projects - as they come. *4U

by paulineblais 22 Aug 2009

Glad to hear that your doing better. Make sure you take it easy as not to re-injure your back again, sometime we feel great and try to do too much. Best of luck. Pauline

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damaris by damaris 22 Aug 2009

thank you my sewing room needs some TLC. I think I will get a friend to help me get it in order again. So I can make a mess again. Ha

by marjialexa Moderator 22 Aug 2009

So glad things are better for you, Damaris! Take it easy, don't try to do too many projects at once. Your poor machine won't know you when you come in the sewing room, hee hee hee, don't frighten her! hugs, Marji

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damaris by damaris 22 Aug 2009

thank you. It is hard not to dig in and do everything.