by nanniesara 21 Aug 2009

Just wanted t know if you download a emb pattern and it is not in the right format for your machine, can and how would you change it for your machine.


by shirlener88 22 Aug 2009

Sara, most of the local sewing centers will have a package deal that you can purchase to use with your machine - do you have a PC package? In that software, you can usually convert some if not all other formats - ask them to show you how to use it. Of coarse - the other CUTE family members have given you info that you can download and use, as well. *4U

by ruthie 22 Aug 2009

nanniesara, these are the links to the free software that Marjialexa mentioned. You can change the machine format using either of these. Also, TrueSizer will also let you change the size of the design, and rotate designs. Ambassador allows you to change design colors as well. So it's worth downloading both. Love and hugs to you sweetie and have fun changing all those designs so that you can use them.

by nonna57 21 Aug 2009

I use this site. You join for free . Go to converted files. Will convert your patters except art. Good luck :)

by marjialexa Moderator 21 Aug 2009

There are a couple of free programs out there that you can download to change the machine format of a design. One is Tajima's Pulse Ambassador, on the Tajima site, and the other is Wilcom's Truesizer. I'm sure someone will have a link for you, and I know there are also a couple of on-line converters on websites, but I don't know where they would be. I have Janome's Digitizer Pro, and that program converts anything, and I also have Pulse, which I like for some things. It can be done, let us know how you make out!! Hugs, Marji

nanniesara by nanniesara 21 Aug 2009

Thanks Marji

ruthie by ruthie 22 Aug 2009

Hi Marji, hope you're well, thanks for the info to nanniesara, I've just supplied the links. Love and hugs sweetie and have a good day.