by 100pandas 21 Aug 2009

These are for a friends son and nephew, They took some to a shop to get them embroidered but they ruined them(shop had to purchase new ones). They actually wrote the names on them for the baptism (they didn't think of asking me at the time) I had to wash and bleach the writing off. This is the end result.


by lbrow 23 Aug 2009

these r just beautiful & so meaningful *

by read180 23 Aug 2009

You did a wonderful job. I would never have guessed that something else was on them. How long are you sashes? Were these for infants or older person.

From Cindy B to another Cindy

100pandas by 100pandas 24 Aug 2009

They are 150cm(60") long. They use them for baby baptism, then add to them as they go. (Holy Communion etc.)

read180 by read180 26 Aug 2009

I think that is soooo cool! I have made baptism bibs for our church and babtism burial shrouds for the hospital for preemies or infants that die in the hospital. I co teach our confirmation class and we are planning on making sashes with them.

by juanitadenney 23 Aug 2009

They are beautiful and you did an excellant job of getting the names off, you can't tell they were redone. Outstanding! *4U

by jasanne 22 Aug 2009

Amazing save on your part! Where are the designs from, they are simple but so elegant. Beautiful work :)

100pandas by 100pandas 23 Aug 2009

Not sure where I got the cross it was FSL but I removed all but the outline and centre. The hands are from Embroidery RN.

jasanne by jasanne 23 Aug 2009

Thought the cross looked familiar - I have the FSL design. I love how you have used it.

by waterlily 22 Aug 2009

These are beautiful!!

by vixentlc 22 Aug 2009

It looks lovely!

by shirlener88 21 Aug 2009

Great save and lovely work Cindy! *4U

by castelyn 21 Aug 2009

Cindy, job well done and *4u

by jacquipaul 21 Aug 2009

Lovely; how nice that they will have this keepsake of a special time in the church.

by designgirl 21 Aug 2009

Those are beautiful. You did a great job of getting the writing off.