by migs 20 Aug 2009

Oh dear, what a bunch we are missing letters; I'd like to request 'G' & 'L'. In the past I've bought my lost letters, but I thought I'd give a request a go.



by letvia 23 Aug 2009

Hello my dear. I added your request to my list but I have to tell you, it is very long. Flower and XoXo

by crafter2243 Moderator 23 Aug 2009

Right now it is difficult since a new alpha has started almost immediately. You may want to consider a membership. That works out to about $5.00 a month and you can download everything on the site.

by colonies1 21 Aug 2009

we will help you get them when Letvia post to vote.......*4u all

by ruthie 20 Aug 2009

migs, Lillian (lbrow) is right, PM Letvia, and she will tell us what letters to vote for. Love and hugs sweetie, and hope you letters come up soon.Thanks for letting us know which alpha.

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letvia by letvia 23 Aug 2009

Hello dear Ruthie I have missed you so much. I'm so glad you are back. Flower and XoXo

by lbrow 20 Aug 2009

Migs send PM to letvia. she coordinates our voting & we can usually get the letters voted in for u. *

by migs 20 Aug 2009

oops! forgot I'm requesting the "G" & "L" of the Floral Font

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migs by migs 02 Sep 2009

No worries, I just went ahead & purchased them. Thks anyhow