by prampelb 18 Aug 2009

with good margins... I am based in Canada, Quebec.

Any other good idea is welcome! Thanks! Pat


by gerryb 18 Aug 2009

Don't know if you have a Michael's or JoAnne's up there. BUT they often put their tee shirts on sale for either 5 for $10 or 4 for $10. I have used both & they are good quality. They are usually on sale, but the really good price is generally during a special weekend sale.

by clawton 18 Aug 2009

I have heard people say they embroider on the bags that you can get at grocery check outs for recycle purposes instead of using the plastic bags. some of those are inexpensive.

by jacquipaul 18 Aug 2009

Here's a link to making them out of scrap fabric or purchased fabric. Perhaps one of the quilt or sewing groups could help by making the bags for you to embroider. Good luck with your project.


by annie12966 18 Aug 2009

try or go to one of their stores, i get totes there all the time, tshirts this week. I also have a site where I bout tshirts fot under $2 each, will haave to find the link

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prampelb by prampelb 18 Aug 2009

Thank you Annie! Pat

by lbrow 18 Aug 2009

Oh Pram I wish I had known this a week ago. I just took a large box of bags to Goodwill When G. daughter moved she had bags with nothing on them from when she was in grade school & she is now 28 yrs old. I'll scout around for U. *

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prampelb by prampelb 18 Aug 2009

Thanks a lot for looking around for me! Pat