by mariahail 17 Aug 2009

it fun, OK? WHY SHOULD YOU BE THE NEXT CUTIE GETTING THE MISS LORETTA SCHOLARSHIP, SIX MONTHS MEMBERSHIP ON CUTIE? please keep it to the top, so everybody will have the oportunity.Blessings.


by ruthie 20 Aug 2009

Oh Maria, so many Cuties and only one membership! In other words sweetie, take your pick - you could do the "Eenie meenie minie moh" thing, haha.

The bottom line is Maria, that you should give the Miss Loretta Scholarship to whoever "you" want to give it to, it's your choice. Everybody deserves it equally, and nobody is going to be upset with you over who you choose. And whoever you choose is sure to be thrilled to be able to download all those fabulous designs from Veronika.

Love and hugs sweetie, and I just hope that you've had fun downloading all those designs for the last six months.

by cinderoak 20 Aug 2009

Wisdom and discernment to you Maria and to those who grant you wise counsel! To the top!

by sqdancer 20 Aug 2009

A very hard decision for you Maria, as I am sure it was for MM when it was her turn to pass it will have to do a lot of sifting thru the choices you will be receiving and I know you will pick the one you feel most deserving....Good Luck my friend...hugs x0x0x0x

by castelyn 20 Aug 2009

bump to the top

by mysticrainbow 19 Aug 2009

Good luck deciding WHO. I am not familiar with what determines a scholarship. Is it the most active on CUTE or the one in the toughest financial situation or what? I would imagine there are some guidelines of some sort?

by sufferingsonje 19 Aug 2009

You will make the right decision and the Cuties will back you. I personally think it should be someone who cannot afford the subscription. *4u.

by castelyn 19 Aug 2009


by anitaj 19 Aug 2009

I think it should go to one of the very giving digitizers that give us all the beautiful designs.I'm fairly new here but i'm sure you will pick the right person.

by raels011 19 Aug 2009

You have a PM

by tanuja 19 Aug 2009

OH my, what a tough decision.Gook Luck to u.

by sewmom 19 Aug 2009

Wow. What a hard decision. I know a lot of us are having a hard time these days. But I'm pretty sure there are many worse off than my family. I'm sure you will make the best choice with the information you have. I hope you enjoyed your 6 months.

by lindaavolio 19 Aug 2009

Wow...what a tough decision...I know you will make a good choice.

by sherylac 18 Aug 2009

Hello Maria, well what a tough decision you have to make, would be very hard as there are so many lovely people on this site. Good luck to whoever receives it, and I'm sure that you will make the right decision. Sheryl

by denise49 18 Aug 2009

I know this is a difficult decision for you to make and I am confident you will make the right choice no matter who recieves the scholorship. Good luck in deciding.

by newipswich 18 Aug 2009

Keeping this at the top. Quite a decision that you'll have to be making. (I think that it would be a blessing for someone that is having a hard time right now, health-wise, financial, or otherwise to receive the scholarship.) May God guide you in helping you decide. :-)

by quiltgrama 18 Aug 2009

No need for me. But I am sure there are others and you will make the right choice as others have said.

by mad14kt 18 Aug 2009

It's true that everyone needs a chance to reap the benefits of this BLESSING. However; I am blessed to have a job and this moment and the activities of my body parts. Therefore; their is someone who is in GREAT need and I pray that their need is met through this scholarship...FIESTA ;D

by belwllms55 18 Aug 2009

I love the designs unfortunately both my husband & I are retired & raising 2 of our grandchildren. I can't buy a lot of designs or afford a membership. I use a lot of the designs that I download to make items to sell. My daughter is an unemployed single mother of 3 with cancer & i try to help her with medical expenses. He estranged husband barely gives her enough money to pay bills.

by marjialexa Moderator 18 Aug 2009

I'm bringing this back up to the top for you, Maria. Good luck with your decision! hugs, Marji

by sissibrode 18 Aug 2009

I like coming on cute, share good addresses and save time for Cuties are busy who's with their work, advice and offer my digitizer creations but we are likely to do that.... but it would be difficult to choose the next Miss Loretta Scholarship, I just think many Cuties are deserving... is it true ??? Good Luck, it's a hard decision !!!! but if I must mention just one name, I choose Marymoore, I think that she's most needed !!!

by clawton 18 Aug 2009

I think you have made a great jesture to open it up like this. However, I think it might be best if they would respond to you by way of private message, since that is available. The request may have sensitive information. I know you will make a good choice although a difficult one. Good luck.

1 comment
edithfarminer by edithfarminer 18 Aug 2009

Yes I agree, better private messages. Not easy for someone to tell all of their problems (not me lol) but I am thinking of others feelings.

by evajungermann 18 Aug 2009

you asked for remaining top- so here you go.

by lovsewings 18 Aug 2009

may I ask "what is the "Miss Loretta scholarship?"
Is it getting six free months of membership on the cutie web site?

by reggirl 18 Aug 2009

One of the reasons I haven't yet paid to be a member is that I am on a disability pension living in Australia. I do love your group, if I had my daughters working I would ask for a membership for here, like I did when my DH didn't know what to get me, so bought me a membership at another place at the time for my birthday.
I read that some people are thinking of people that digitize can do their own, well I have done 2 or 3 designs & digitized them, but I am only playing around & can only get the easier designs to digitize... more pure luck & my Buzz software that DH bought when I got my 1st embroidery (computerised) machine last year. Before that I did all my embroidery by freehand, though these days I can't do that because of the arthritis I have in my hands... which is why my DH bought me the computerised one in the first place, he couldn't stand me being in so much pain. He doesn't work now, due to compo on his back injury 4 yrs ago. So if anyone asks where he got the $$$ to buy me a machine.... He used the last of his compo money on it for me.
This September, he & I have been married for 25yrs, & gone through a lot of rough times but stuck it out.
I know it sounds like "poor me, poor me" & I know there are soooo many more worse off people than me & my little family in this world, I don't normally do this sort of thing, I just go with the flow. But this is the first time I have even asked here, I didn't even know you had such a thing.

simplyrosie by simplyrosie 18 Aug 2009

Well it's nice that you have digitizing software Reggie... keep practicing and you'll be creating nice designs. :-) There are many, many people going through rough times, that's for sure... me included, but just keep your head up high and sing songs of thankfulness and praise for what you do have. :-) Seems to change the direction of our thought when we do. hugs, teri

cinderoak by cinderoak 20 Aug 2009

I second Teri's testimony, God truly does inhabit the praises of His people. It sounds so difficult for you in these times, I pray you can find a supportive church to assist. Remember it is in times of trial and tribulations that God reveals His love to those who seek Him. Strength to you sister and a flower to you!

reggirl by reggirl 24 Aug 2009

Thankyou for your kind thoughts. It is very hard to stay on top these days, some things truely have helped in the past. One I know he was listening to me when my DH went missing & I am not normally a prayer person, & I begged for help.... He DID deliver my DH back to me...alive. This was 2 yrs ago this September & it still plays a big part in our lives.
Thankyou all,
Love you all,

by mops Moderator 18 Aug 2009

Maria, You are the only one who can decide and you've gotten some helpful advice already, go to personal and see who's having a tough time. I agree with Meg: digitisers can make their own designs, maybe not as elaborate or beautiful is the designs on Cute, but the only thing they need is time, and that's not something enyone can provide. Tough decision, isn't it, but I'm sure you'll make the right one!! Martine

by lenamae 18 Aug 2009

I know you will select the right one for it .if I were in your shoes I would pray about it and God will lead you to the one that needs it.

by meganne 18 Aug 2009

What a great idea Maria!

I can think of two people doing it tough who would really appreciate it I will PM you with their names.

Just my personal opinion, but I think it would be wasted if it went to anyone who can digitise.
As much as we all like to collect designs from others, the reality is that those of us who digitise can make any design we want. So, for my part, I would rather it went to someone (as I said) who is doing it tough.
I know your choice will be sound and we all will respect your decision.
Hugs n roses n much love, Meganne

1 comment
simplyrosie by simplyrosie 18 Aug 2009

I agree Meg... this should go to someone who doesn't digitize or have access to digitizing capabilities.

by gerryvb 18 Aug 2009

That's a hard to decide. but in the personal we can sometimes read about cute people who have a financiel hard time.I suggest somebody of those people should be the wright person.Personly I suggest someone of those people who means a lot for cute too. but I'm sure you can make the wright decision. good luck.

by lbrow 18 Aug 2009

Well now let me see, Mary Moore was the first I know recepient, then you, myself I cannot think of a single reason why I should but I know there r those out there who with these times just cannot afford it & have no one to give them a gift of it. I think it should b someone like this but how do we go about finding this out without causing embaressment? Any suggestions?

1 comment
clawton by clawton 19 Aug 2009

Use the PM feature.

by jacquipaul 18 Aug 2009

Your decision will be the right one. I'm sure that you are aware of those who are having difficulties and would benefit most from a free membership. Blessings to you.

1 comment
daisy530 by daisy530 18 Aug 2009

Oh Jacqui--you always use the cutest graphics! :)

by pennifold 18 Aug 2009

Hi Maria, you have a big decision to make and I am sure you will choose the right person. As many have said before me have a look on the personal tab and you can see who is doing it "tough". I know of 2 who would just love it - good luck with your selection.

Love and blessings Chris

by manami 18 Aug 2009

OH Maria, this is a tough decision! I also know two Cuties that I would give the membership, I'll PM you who they are. But I also know you will do the best and we will respect your decision. Love and blessings, Yoriko

by modo 18 Aug 2009

This is a very difficult decision; your choice will be the best one but I think that every Cuties that are not paying members are not for only one reason: 'we cannot afford it' and I think that MissLoretta Scholarship was created in that intention

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by marymoore 18 Aug 2009

my nomine is blhamblen she is a great person

blhamblen by blhamblen 18 Aug 2009

Thanx MM I think YOU are too:0

sissibrode by sissibrode 25 Aug 2009

YES !!! my sis is a great person !!! I think in fact it is impossible to choose who deserves...!!!

by auntbaba 18 Aug 2009

I think that iris2006 has a wonderful idea. It would be nice to give the scholarship to someone who can't afford one. Whatever you decide, I know that the Cute community will be behind you. Good luck!

by iris2006 18 Aug 2009

I think that you can consider the cuties that are not able to afford a membership because of their circumstances. You can go to the "personals" and make your choice Maria. Good luck whatever you decide.

by harmzen 18 Aug 2009

I would like my friend, Yvonne Castelyn, to be the next winner. She has done this amazing thing by introducing me to your wonderful site. Not once didn't she helped me with a problem. She even showed me where to buy some embroidery stuff. Thank you Yvonne. Good luck with your choice, may the best woman be honored.

1 comment
castelyn by castelyn 18 Aug 2009

Elize, thank you so much for considering me, It would be wonderful - Hugs Yvonne

by camylow 18 Aug 2009

I think you will choose wisely...there are a few here that are not financial able that would make a great the postings in personals to see who has a need....good luck in your quest....

by julie1963 18 Aug 2009

I am new to all this and have been reading all the blogs I also have become addicted after my sister inlaw told me about the site and I started collecting the flower alpha. Anyway my question is: What is the Miss Loretta Scholarship? I thought I had investigated everything but I guess not!

shirlener88 by shirlener88 18 Aug 2009

Julie, welcome to the CUTE family - you can go to the community page - where this Q & A is - to the right of the screen you will see a picture of Loretta - click there and it will give you more info about it - look for a posting from jrob - that starts out ATTN: - it explains it all - you will enjoy reading about Loretta and the reason for the scholarship - but in short - it is a 6 month membership - that was first given to marymoore and then to mariahail - mariahail is trying to decide to give the membership to and that is what this posting is. But please go read about it - where you will find all sort of love and respect for Loretta. *4U

julie1963 by julie1963 18 Aug 2009

Thanks for that an amazing lady and an amazing life she is a wonderful lady.
Full of inspiration still planning projects good on her!
True inspiration. Julie

by persiancatlover 18 Aug 2009

Maria,i think that everyone on cute deserve the six months membership,because we are a big cute family and because we all try to help each other,good luck with choosing,gr connie

by shirlener88 18 Aug 2009

Maria, you will choose well - I am sure of that - you have a good list - of wonderful ladies here and I hope you have a fun time selecting them. *4U

by castelyn 18 Aug 2009

Hi Maria, there are a few cuties that I would love to see get this,I will name a few;

Marymoore - Mary
Reals - Raelene
Camylow - Deanna
Lbrow - Lillian
Shirlener88 - Shirlene
Manami - Yoriko

That is if I dont get it!!!!Well good luck, glad I'm not the one that has to do this

Hugs Yvonne

shirlener88 by shirlener88 18 Aug 2009

Don't you even consider me, I have a year membership now. Hehehe!

marymoore by marymoore 18 Aug 2009

lol i already had it and i passed it to maria

manami by manami 18 Aug 2009

Dear Yvonne, thank you so much for considering me, but I have two cuties that I would love one of them have this membership, and I did PM Maria about them. Love, Yoriko

camylow by camylow 19 Aug 2009

I don't want to be considered right now either....I have many blessings already and I think it best for someone who has the need more....but thank you for a wonderful and generous thought, Yvonne,,,deanna

raels011 by raels011 19 Aug 2009

Please don't consider me as I have a 12 month membership but it was nice to know you care

by draco 18 Aug 2009

This should be fun to see who is honored. Good Luck.

by colonies1 18 Aug 2009

there are a lot in here who deserve it so good luck choosing. Hugs,

by simplyrosie 18 Aug 2009

Maria my love, I can tell you that my good friend Joanie here on CUTE would be honored receiving the scholarship. She has worked so hard getting through school basically living on beans and rice. She is ALWAYS upbeat, loving and so worthy of a blessing.


by rstinson 17 Aug 2009

I'm not much of a talker to get flowers, but i give them to everyone. I never can afford to purchase the membership, but would love to have it. Thanks in advance. blessings, becky

by nonna57 17 Aug 2009

Maria this is a good idea. It should be someone who is fun loving on cute no matter what. I know 2 who i would choose but i'm not telling... Glad its you not me to decide. Happy filtering through all hopefulls. Good luck all :) Oh and Thanks Veronika for this fun game :):):)

minnieb by minnieb 18 Aug 2009

I know 2people I would like to get it and think it would be nice to vote on who gets it

nonna57 by nonna57 19 Aug 2009

Lovely to see you make maggie :)