by waterlily 17 Aug 2009

mention that some of you Cuties buy needles by the 100s because you go through them so quickly and they get dull. What are the symptoms of a dull needle?? I have a feeling that I have been misinterpreting fraying and snapping thread on tension problems, or junky thread.


by castelyn 18 Aug 2009

See you got alot of great tips and advise - *4u and all the others that answered

by shirlener88 18 Aug 2009

Colleen, looks like you have all points of view on this - so I will just add a flower for you. (I change my needle about every 8 hours of stitching, too)

by annie12966 18 Aug 2009

You shouldn't use a needle too long. If you are doing small designs, try changing after about 20 of them or less.

by simplyrosie 18 Aug 2009

I change needles when they bend, break or dull most definitely. I also will change the needle if my thread is snagging or the stitches look badly. I buy my needles from (sewing/embroidery) and (serger).

by pennifold 18 Aug 2009

Hi Colleen, I for one use a new needle every time I start a new project, and I only use SCHMETZ needles.

I notice Marji says she likes the Titanium ones by Organ - I haven't heard of that brand over here in Australia, but they sound great.

Some great answers here so I'll give you a flower.

Love and blessings Chris

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waterlily by waterlily 18 Aug 2009

Hi Chrs. I use the Schmetz, too. They are easy to find and affordable.

by modo 18 Aug 2009

Thank you for that interesting question

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waterlily by waterlily 18 Aug 2009

No Problem. I still have so much to learn!

by cinderoak 18 Aug 2009

Wow, Cuties never cease to amaze me! I am continually learning things I didn't know. Thank you Waterlily for such a great question, as a newbie I applaud you!

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waterlily by waterlily 18 Aug 2009

So mch to learn! Thank God for so many knowledgeable people in one place!

by gerryvb 18 Aug 2009

thanks for all the info I could read in the answers. I only changed the needle if it broke or was dull, or the embroidery did not look nice.or my threads break each time.

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waterlily by waterlily 18 Aug 2009

I usually only changed it if it broe. Or once in a while I would change needle, thread and bobbin all at once as a last resort.

by claudenicolas 18 Aug 2009

When I have a problem whith my embroidery, it know now that it seems to be without reason, i must change the needle. And when the needle is dull there is a bad noise, usual at each stitch.

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waterlily by waterlily 18 Aug 2009

I have noticed the sounds but never really associated it with the needle being dull. Now I know better!

by colonies1 18 Aug 2009

all go info thanks.........*4u all

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waterlily by waterlily 18 Aug 2009 has all been very helpful!

by ruthie 17 Aug 2009

waterlily, I find that on my machine, when the needle needs changing, the needle going in and out just seems to make a more solid sound, usually this happens before the thread shreds, which saves me having to rethread and backtrack. Love and hugs sweetie and hope all the help here solves your problem.

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waterlily by waterlily 18 Aug 2009

hmmm...I know I responded to this, but must not have hit the submit button....OR it's going to show up somewhere out of place. LOL! I have noticed that my machine sounds different right before the thread breaks.

by kezza2sew 17 Aug 2009

I was taught change needle after 8 hours of sewing with it...but gotta say I don't. But if you do, you really do notice the better result...with new needles changed often....

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waterlily by waterlily 18 Aug 2009

Thank You! I am slowly beginning to realize that!

by clawton 17 Aug 2009

If the needle is dull you may also hear a popping type sound as the needle goes up and down through the fabric.

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waterlily by waterlily 18 Aug 2009

OHHHH...I just thought that was because that spot had been stitched several times, and it was just the needle going through a denser part of the design. I will deffinately keep this in mind! Thanks!

by lbrow 17 Aug 2009

It depends, I usually replace my needle if I do an embroidery with a lot of stitches, say 40 to 75,000. I have found I have a lot less thread fraying & breakage. A lot will depend on the fabric also . I will change after after a lot fewer stitches if I have been using heavy fabric. Needle problems usually show up first with thread problems. *

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waterlily by waterlily 17 Aug 2009

Thanks so much for the information! I think this will save me hours of aggrivation and frustration. I'll try changing the needle FIRST, from now on, That's an easy solution, if that really is the problem.

by newtoit21 17 Aug 2009

good question and a good answer too.

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waterlily by waterlily 17 Aug 2009

I'm still learning so much! This is a great place to ask questions!

by marjialexa Moderator 17 Aug 2009

Fraying or shredding thread can be a symptom of a dull needle. Needles should be very sharp (not ever ball point for embroidery) embroidery needles, because they will poke a very clean hole in the material for the thread to go through. If the needle is dull, the hole won't be as clean, and the thread may start to shred on the more jagged edges of the hole. That's not to say you couldn't have a bad spool of thread. I have a particular color of Floriani that I need to use up on something because it drives me crazy with shredding. But it's just that spool, and it doesn't matter what I do. If threads that weren't giving you trouble before are now shredding, it may well be your needle. I like the titanium ones by Organ, they last a long time. Oh, also, if you're doing things on card stock, save a special needle for that. Paper will dull a needle, but I've found they don't need to be super sharp for card stock, it's the shank that makes the hole. Hope this helps, and that you get a lot more good information here!! Hugs, Marji

waterlily by waterlily 17 Aug 2009

Thank You Marji! This was actually great information. I have had spools of thread that were just fine then started shreading, for "no good reason". I always blamed it on tension, or looked for a clump of thread inside the machine. Just the other day, I got so frustrated, that I finally just changed the needle and the only reason I did, was because somewhere in the dark recess of my brain, I remembered a post that mentioned needles getting dull.

marlakay by marlakay 17 Aug 2009

Thanks Marji. Good info. Even if some already know this info. it is good to be reminded.