by migs 17 Aug 2009

on the new quilt I'm making. It kind of gives a person encouragement to continue; so thank you for that, it does help.


by jrob Moderator 17 Aug 2009

Yes, they tend to do that, don't they? Can't wait to see it totally completed.(the quilt, that is.);)

by clawton 17 Aug 2009

and another one just because!!!

by lbrow 17 Aug 2009

My dear migs u r most deserving of ea. flower u get. Ea. compliment on the quilt is also much deserved u r doing what I call a bang up job *

by marjialexa Moderator 17 Aug 2009

And another flower! Keep at it on that quilt, it's very nice! hugs, Marji

by colonies1 17 Aug 2009

here is another to make it grow even more...........