by bdrouin 16 Aug 2009

Yoriko was kind enough to create a pair of fsl parrot earrings to go with a parrot I appliqued on the back of a blouse. The parrot is made up of the various shades of suede and suede like fabric, vine trim I happened to pick up a while ago on a whim. The parrot earrrings were a perfect match to the parrot colors. I didn't realize that using more than 1 colour in a fsl design was more difficult until I asked Yoriko if she could do the 3 colours. She, of course, came through with the perfect parrots. If you want your own pair they are for sale on her web site. The test parrots are on the pocket. I posted part of this project earlier and not knowing how to do it correctly some people thought the parrot was an embroidery but alas it was an applique from Sulky.


by cj2sew 15 Nov 2011

Even if applique it is stunning. I have a friend who would follow you everywhere trying to talk you out of that blouse....LOL

by devon 15 Nov 2011


by capoodle 15 Nov 2011

I see this was posted Aug of 2009. It is a beautiful colorful set.

by oaro 15 Nov 2011

Beautiful work

by joanne8125 15 Nov 2011

Beautiful work and I love the matching earrings.

by debswebster 15 Nov 2011

Wow - Gorgeous

by bejoscha 15 Nov 2011

Nice design

by noah 15 Nov 2011

excellent one word says it all :):)

by bumblebee 15 Nov 2011

Awesome and great explanation.

by brittsmom 15 Nov 2011

Can I purchase the earring design?

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jboz by jboz 27 Aug 2020

Is there a link to the earring design for purchase?

by shirlener88 18 Aug 2009

Hmmmm, I know I have seen this one before - but don't see my comment - great embroidery & wonderful team work. *4U

by sorval 18 Aug 2009

wow this is great
i love this designs
good work
4U gr sonja

by peggyhaws 17 Aug 2009

Great job to both you and Yoriko! They match wonderfully!

by mumfinch 17 Aug 2009

Very Nice

by marlakay 17 Aug 2009

Awesome!!!!!!! Great job on both of them!

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bdrouin by bdrouin 17 Aug 2009

Thank you.

by manami 17 Aug 2009

Dear Bdrouin, I also thought it was an embroidery! Maybe an embroider one would look very heavy, so I really like the applique! Beautifully done!!! Once again, thank you so much for posting this, it was such a joy working with that FSL. Love, Yoriko

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bdrouin by bdrouin 17 Aug 2009

Your earrings were my first fsl. I can see their appeal. I will be doing more of them. Once again thanks for taking on task of the earrings.

by newtoit21 17 Aug 2009

very nice and colorful

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bdrouin by bdrouin 17 Aug 2009

Thank you.

by sherylac 16 Aug 2009

What a magnificent parrot, well done

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bdrouin by bdrouin 17 Aug 2009

Thank you, I really love this parrot from the day I first saw the pattern several years ago.

by lbrow 16 Aug 2009

I just love those vibrant colors. Well done! *

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bdrouin by bdrouin 17 Aug 2009

Thank you. It took a bit of time to round up the right colours in the right fabrics. It's taken me about 3 years to get them together and then to get get it on the blouse.