by cinderoak 16 Aug 2009

Does anyone know where I can find the international sign for "no" design for free? It is the circle with the slash through it. Requested by Hubby for a polo shirt design he has in mind.


by lbrow 17 Aug 2009

Welcome to the Cute site cinder. You have already gotten a taste of what we r all about because I see lots of the cutes have given u answers. We r proud to have u with us, tell us a little about yourself in your profile. Again welcome!! *4U

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cinderoak by cinderoak 18 Aug 2009

I will try to figure out what to write, i live a very basic life.

by mops Moderator 17 Aug 2009

You can find one here, as bevintex said. Don't know what size, but it fits the 4x4 hoop. Welcome to cute.

by jink 17 Aug 2009

cinderoak can you tell me how it is in centimeters ....i really don't know what a 2-3 design is ....sorry i am used to european sizes ..
i know only the hoop sizes ...let me know then i will place it uder design by cuties

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mops by mops 17 Aug 2009

2-3 " equals 5 - 7.5 cm. The 4 x 4 hoop is our 10 x 10, slightly larger actually. De inch is onze oude 'duim', 2,54 cm om precies te zijn.

by bevintex 16 Aug 2009

there is one at under signs 2

by marjialexa Moderator 16 Aug 2009

Cinderoak, a big, bit Cute welcome to you!! We're so glad you found us! I'm glad you have been rescued by some Cuties already, so I'll just pass out flowers. If you need to know how things operate on the site, where to search, how to post photos, etc. I have written some tutorials to help with site navigation. If you click on the blue word "tutorial" to the left of your screen, and look for my avatar, you should find them. Hope you join us often, learn a lot, and teach us, too!! Hugs, Marji

cinderoak by cinderoak 16 Aug 2009

Thank you! I had already been checking the tutorials,I was researching how to post this question! Did I do it right?

marjialexa by marjialexa 17 Aug 2009

You surely did! Have fun here!!

by colonies1 16 Aug 2009

got your answer so here is a flower for all

by jink 16 Aug 2009

some thing like this ???

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cinderoak by cinderoak 16 Aug 2009

Yes! Thank you, that is what we were thinking! Since it is for a polo, a 2-3" design should work. My machine uses pes format. I am overwhelmed by the responses, may I be there for others as the Cuties have been for me! Thank you!

by jink 16 Aug 2009

i will malke it for you what size ??? and format ???

by waterlily 16 Aug 2009

Welcome to Cute! I hope you enoy your visits and learn at least half as much as I have!

by iris2006 16 Aug 2009

Welcome to Cute and I hope you enjoy it here, I learned so much from this place.

by jrob Moderator 16 Aug 2009

I see where Teri has come to your rescue, but I wanted to drop in and say "Welcome, and I'm happy that you are here.";)

by dkjack 16 Aug 2009

Welcome to Cute!

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cinderoak by cinderoak 16 Aug 2009

Hello, how did you know the Pink Panther is one of my favorites??????
Thank you for the smile!

by simplyrosie 16 Aug 2009

Cinderoak, if you PM me, I'd be happy to digitize one for you... I need to know what it looks like.

Welcome to CUTE!

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cinderoak by cinderoak 16 Aug 2009

How does one thank you for the generous gift of time? You are fabulous!!!
God Bless!

by jacquipaul 16 Aug 2009

Welcome to Cute!
Do not have one; someone will help you if they know where to find it!


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cinderoak by cinderoak 16 Aug 2009

I am grateful to have found this site, I have already learned so much. It is my first check in the morning,

by babsie 16 Aug 2009

Welcome to cute, sorry I have not seen such a design. Hope somebody can help, but here is a * for u

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cinderoak by cinderoak 16 Aug 2009

Thank you!