by ciwoody 11 Sep 2007

Hi All, I have been getting most of Firebird letters, If I get a membership can I get entire Firebird Alpha NOW. I think this a wounderful site and will join anyway.



by cutiepie 12 Sep 2007

Hi, Christina. If you get yourself a membership, you will be able to download any/all of the designs that are posted. That means that if you can't see them (yet) you can't download them (yet). So, if a design that you liked has disappeared from the listings (and I know a few have), it is too late to download them, although you may be able to contact customer service and describe the one(s) you want and still be able to get them that way. If the design you want has not yet been posted (like the Firebird letters following the I, for instance) you will have to wait until it is posted as available, but as soon as it is up, you are able to get it. It would be lovely if we could get the whole alphabet NOW, but if they aren't done, there's not much we can do. =]

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ciwoody by ciwoody 12 Sep 2007

Thank You for the information I joined and I am having fun looking and downloading the wounderful designs. Thanks again Christina

by jrob Moderator 11 Sep 2007

Christina, if you go to you can see that it is posted A-I. You can download all of those now, and it appears that they are being added every few days, so you can get them as soon as they are posted. I agree that is a wonderful site and well worth the membership fee.