by mysticrainbow 13 Aug 2009

or if I have already checked on a particular freebie, etc. I know when someone answers a post, it moves up the list. That sometimes cause me to think it's a new one when it isn't. Or it isn't a new design, etc. Does that make any sense? Would it be helpful to anyone besides me? I'm going to try to remember to do this from now on. If it's something I just missed from the past, I am sorry for mentioning it again.


by marjialexa Moderator 15 Aug 2009

It would be helpful if everyone could remember, first of all (yeah, right, like I know what I had for lunch today, hee hee hee) and second, if all the US people would date the way the rest of the world does. Personally, I use the flowers to know if I've read a post. I don't give a flower till I read it, then I know I've seen it if the flower is orange. You can always try, though, maybe it would catch on with others. Good luck, hugs, Marji

by clawton 15 Aug 2009

Like others I give a flower that way I know I have read the posting and/or responded to it.

by mops Moderator 14 Aug 2009

I give a flower to every post I read and so I can see at a glance whether it's new or not. But setting a date as well is nice, although I too am used to the dd/mm/yy notation (or yy/mm/dd used in files) and not the American mm/dd/yy.

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mysticrainbow by mysticrainbow 14 Aug 2009

Good Idea. Thanks

by shirlener88 14 Aug 2009

mysticrainbow, I think that is a nice idea - but the date is automatic with the post - right now yours says 5h 37 m ago - but in a couple days - it will have the date there. I believe the way to get around all of this is just to use the flower button, as Ruthie suggested - if you have read the post - click the green flower to orange - if you want to go back to it - click the CHECK MARK - that allows you to follow the posting - to check back on it - to see what others have said - if you check their green flowers - you now you have read their comment - then when all the flowers are orange - you know you are finished - if you don't want to check all the comments - don't worry about that part of it - but it is always nice to let those that commented know that you appreciate what they say - as well. EASY as PIE! Hehehe! *4U

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claudenicolas by claudenicolas 14 Aug 2009

Shirlene, you haves so beautiful picture of flowers that you put in the answer, where do you find them?

by ruthie 13 Aug 2009

I agree with you mysticrainbow that sometimes it gets a tad confusing with the posts moving back to the top, so putting the date at the beginning of your post is a good idea. However, because I’m not from the US I would have a problem with your date. Now I would realise that 8/13/09 is 13 Aug 09. But if you had written this a week ago on 06 Aug 09 you would have written 8/6/09, which to me, and just about everyone else in the world who doesn’t live in the US, would read as 08 Jun 09, this means that we would think the post was a couple of months old. As far as I know ONLY the US do the date the way you have … so the rest of the world would need you to write the month as a word (first three letters are sufficient) not a number.

I find a more reliable way to keep track of what posts I have read is to give the writer, and if you want, all the responders, a flower. That way you can see instantly if you’ve read it or not.

Hope this makes sense to you sweetie, I also feel that whatever we do to solve this issue, it needs to be universal, i.e. done the same by everyone. Love and hugs for you, and thanks for bringing this up, have a terrific day.

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mysticrainbow by mysticrainbow 14 Aug 2009

thank you for enlightening me.

by superfroggirl 13 Aug 2009

the way that i mark if i have read a post already.. is by clicking the little green flower in the right corner.. it will change colour and that lets me know if i have read it or not!! just a thought!!
also marking with a date is a great idea too!!

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iris2006 by iris2006 14 Aug 2009

That is the way I always mark my readed post

by marymoore 13 Aug 2009

it is a good idea and teri (simplyrosie) suggested that also some of us do and i know she does lol but yes a very good idea

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mysticrainbow by mysticrainbow 13 Aug 2009

I knew it couldn't be an original idea. hahahha but maybe it should be mentioned now and then to help others think of it. It sure helps me alot. Thank you.