by vinga 12 Aug 2009

There is 75% off on the Enigma Elegant Rose Monograms, lowercase, for those that don't want to wait for the freebies being offered now;


by waterlily 12 Aug 2009

Thanks for the info.

by sqdancer 12 Aug 2009

Thanks vinga..

by marjialexa Moderator 12 Aug 2009

She has some beautiful designs, and this is quite a bargain! I would assume the lower case letters are in proportion to the upper case, that is, smaller? It doesn't say, or I missed it. The upper case are almost 4" high. Anyway, she is a really good digitizer. Hugs, Marji

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sqdancer by sqdancer 12 Aug 2009

I just compared the Aa and the lower case is half the size Marji...

by colonies1 12 Aug 2009