by simplyrosie 04 Aug 2009 have in your "library" to create a gift without having to go make an additional purchase. I had made a FSL bowl that MissCharlie posted a while back, now I'll be working on some bookmark templates (with or without top hole) in 5x7 and 4x4 sizes. All you have to do is take one of your designs and stitch on top of the FSL template... will save you from having to go spend more money.

Hope this helps everyone! Let me know what other templates we need to add up to the "Designs by Cuties" page. :-)



by mariahail 06 Aug 2009

Teri, you are a super nice girl!!!!Thanks.*******************************

by cinderoak 06 Aug 2009

You are a blessing!

by blhamblen 05 Aug 2009

OOOO AAAA WWOOWWW I can't wait for the 4 x 4's THANX in Advance!!!

by marlakay 05 Aug 2009

Thanks for your contributions -- thank you to everyone who contributes. Yes, very helpful for me in these times of unemployment. Much appreciated.

by simplyrosie 05 Aug 2009

Thanks girls, hope they're useful. I put a gift tag up there this morning... Sorry, but I just don't have time to test stitch these so I'm hopeful they'll work nicely. I'm digitizing these designs in between meetings at work. LOL

If any of you find some trouble, let me know. I'll ask Veronika to replace the file with an updated version.

I also want to encourage other people on CUTE that can whip up some templates in their digitizing software to bless your fellow friends. I know these guys and dolls would greatly appreciate your effort. :-)


by dlmds 04 Aug 2009

Thank you, what a thoughtful thing for you to do for us during these times of job, and financial struggles that many of us are going thru. God bless, H&*.

by ingrid68 04 Aug 2009

Thank you. Will check it out.

by mimisews2 04 Aug 2009

You are a sweetie! Thanks a bunch. :)

by francoisen68 04 Aug 2009

Thank you very much Teri, it's very generous. I allowed me to ask you a question under the fsl ball in the "Design by Cuties"...
Thanks again

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simplyrosie by simplyrosie 04 Aug 2009

:-) I answered you.

by annatjievdw 04 Aug 2009

You are so generous to share this with us. It is a brilliant idea. Thanks a lot.

by nini 04 Aug 2009

Yu're very kind, thanks and a bunch of flowers!...

by debrar 04 Aug 2009

You are to kind. I do appreciate it. My church is going to have a craft fair to make money for a mission trip. I am sure they would love anything you would share with us. Thank you so very much.

by caydebug 04 Aug 2009

Truely a friend. So giving of you to think of everyone else. God will truely bless you.

by bevintex 04 Aug 2009

a round circle, ornament size
Thank you

simplyrosie by simplyrosie 04 Aug 2009

Bev, I posted for you in Designs by Cuties. I'll do some square and triangle ones too.

bevintex by bevintex 04 Aug 2009

Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

simplyrosie by simplyrosie 04 Aug 2009

You're welcome Bev... definitely NO talent here... just ran the stitch lines. :-)

by modo 04 Aug 2009

This is very générous. Because you are asking, I will say :in the hoop stuff like sisor holder, doilly,reading glass holder...

by laurasomi 04 Aug 2009

Thank you very much Teri,this is very much appreciated.
Hugs, Gabi

by tinfriend 04 Aug 2009

Thanx - *4U!

by sira 04 Aug 2009

This is very thoughtful of you Teri. Will be greatly appreciated , especially that bookmark - good thinking! I have always dreamed to embroider my "own designed bookmarks" so that every receiver would get the same, but still different... *4U

by jrob Moderator 04 Aug 2009

Teri, you are very sweet and giving. God didn't waste that brain you on girl!;)

by edithfarminer 04 Aug 2009

that is soooo considerate of you, THANK YOU

by shirlener88 04 Aug 2009

Teri, you are so generous and thoughtful - thank you!

by tippi 04 Aug 2009

Thank you Teri

by colonies1 04 Aug 2009

thank you for sharing

by annesarts 04 Aug 2009

Greatly appreciated. Thank you.

by mad14kt 04 Aug 2009

TU ;D *2U

by sambsranch 04 Aug 2009

Sam :)

by babyred 04 Aug 2009

Thank You Thank You!! You are a sweetie!

by jacquipaul 04 Aug 2009

Merci; Great idea! You're so good to us!

by colleta 04 Aug 2009

Thanks ;)

by sewmom 04 Aug 2009

Thank you Teri. This is just what I was hoping for! You're a genius.

by gerryvb 04 Aug 2009

what a wonderful idea, thank you, will take a look.

by iris2006 04 Aug 2009

Teri, thank you very much for these templates, you're very generous.

by marymoore 04 Aug 2009

oh great idea dear friend i am going there now thank u

by debleerl 04 Aug 2009

Teri, you are very generous.