by migs 03 Aug 2009

some days I think if I had any brains I'd hv a headache. Like a dummy I forgot to get the 'G' for the floral alpha. Is it possible for some votes to request it again?


by colonies1 04 Aug 2009

I got it but I will help

by spider3 04 Aug 2009

I'll vote with you because I had a brain hiccup & missed "G" also.

by noah 03 Aug 2009

Hi,Iam still trying to understand all of the stuff on this site to.I really don,t get the voteing thing for something we missed.I just learned awhile ago how to vote for this great site.I spend lots of time reading & trying things but in my old age & just learning computer i will one day get there (i hope)

by mimisews2 03 Aug 2009

Don't forget to pm Letvia. She does a fantastic job of keeping us together on this voting for missed letters. She will help!*

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noah by noah 03 Aug 2009

Why pm her please explain somebody??

by emily16838 03 Aug 2009

don't feel bad I forget all the time ...thats why all the reminders help me remember

by maeeast 03 Aug 2009

me, too. I'm going to try to put in a voting request for it.

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noah by noah 03 Aug 2009

how do you do that .i am still trying to understand all this it is hard on my OLD uneducated head!!