by waterlily 03 Aug 2009

for the 4th time. I figured I'd send it off ONE MORE time before my extended warranty ran out. Well...yesterday I got a call from Best Buy informing me that I was getting a BRAND NEW comperable computer because the old one was considered to be a LEMON. YEAH ME!! I had no idea Best Buy even had such a program! I went in yesterday, and they gave me a new computer in the same price range as the one I bought 2 1/2 years ago. My new laptop has TONS more hard drive space and RAM, a better processor and several other upgrades. All I had to pay for was the extended warranty, if I wanted it. You canm bet I bought it, too! It more than paid for itself with the last computer, and actually got me this new one!


by aviesel 03 Aug 2009

Wow! That is really great!

by jrob Moderator 03 Aug 2009

What a great testimony for Best Buys! Good to know that there are still companys that take care of business even when it's the hard thing to do.;)

by lflanders 03 Aug 2009

I am glad they stood behind their product and replaced your old computer. It is bad to have paid good money for something and had nothing but problems. At least they gave you a little extra. Maybe that will help with having to put up with all the problems! Enjoy but don't forget to install your security on the new one!

by michele921 03 Aug 2009

What a great thing to happen so glad you brought it in. congrats

by eveve 03 Aug 2009

Great deal! but do u get to bring yr old laptop back

and i have another qn, what does it mean when u referred something as Lemon? I like to learn abt it hahaha. Thanks!

by katydid 03 Aug 2009

Good deal!! I'm glad you did not loose your designs. I need a new computer desperately. I was told to wait until the end of year and something newer than vista would be out. Does anyone know about it?

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eveve by eveve 03 Aug 2009

Yes, another version will be out soon. Just bear it for a few more mths. But there are some co, i think Acer that has this pact to let u download that version FOC if u buy a laptop now (after a certain date). Otherwise, everyone been waiting for it and no one wants to buy!!!

by shirlener88 03 Aug 2009

Colleen, what great news - we all need to hear - when someone gets this sort of news - way to go - now you will be going to town - won't you?

by camylow 03 Aug 2009

so were you able to retrieve any of the things you had on it at all? You have been blessed with good forture...CONGRATS

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waterlily by waterlily 03 Aug 2009

Actually, I wasn't able to get anything off of it, but I have become anal about regularly backing up all the stuff that is important. Everyu time I have the Motherboard replaced, I end up having the Operating system re-installoed and lose everything. I saw the problem coming, and backed everything up two days prior to the crash. SO...I lost about two days of newly collected designs, but that was all!

by paulineblais 03 Aug 2009

Best Buy is great for that. I've had great luck with them. If the can't fix it they replace it, usually it's upgraded. Just bought myself a laptop there last weekend with the exteded warranty. My brother and his wife buy everything at Best Buy, she's into cameras which they replaced one of them with a new one only after 2 year and my bother's 73 inch big screen had something wrong with the picture and brought him a new one, no questions asked. They seem to stand behind their products. Glad to see your up and running again.

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waterlily by waterlily 03 Aug 2009

Funny...when I bought the first laptop, I didn't want to go to Best Buy. In the past, I had horrible luck with them and they didn't stand behind tghier products. But they had the price I could afford. They have deffinately changed for the better!

by simplyrosie 03 Aug 2009

How super awesome is that! Woo hoo! Now put on some good antivirus software and away you go. ;-)

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waterlily by waterlily 03 Aug 2009

Once I got my wireless connection...that was the FIRST thing I did!