by bdrouin 28 Jul 2009

How do you put more than 1 photo on the project page? Where do I look to find the answer?


by colonies1 28 Jul 2009

*4u both and bring to top

by marjialexa Moderator 28 Jul 2009

You can't put more than one photo with an upload of a project. What you can do, take the photos into your photo software, and make a collage of a couple or 4, whatever you like, and upload that as a single photo. Just remember, however many photos you add in your collage, each one is going to appear smaller, and the total size of the finished product still has to fit the upload parameters, or you're going to get that red x because the photo is too large. Hugs, Marji

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bdrouin by bdrouin 30 Jul 2009

Thank you very much. I am happy that there are so many helpful people here. I have not had a single question unanswered.