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by bdrouin 24 Jul 2009

A year ago I appliqued the parrot to the back of a blouse I bought. It was very appropriate for our Jimmy Buffet night at our club. I decided parrot earrings would go well with the shirt. I asked Yoriko if she would be interested in creating FSL parrots for earrings. She came through with flying colours and I instantly purchased the set from her web site. Since this was my first FSL I didn't do a great job the first pair. The second pair came out great. I used the first pair as parrots on my pocket and joined it all with vine leave trim I had purchased some time ago. I am very happy with the end result.


by castelyn 25 Jul 2009

Well done to you and Yoriko, and *4u

by mops Moderator 25 Jul 2009

Great work, it looks lovely! Yoriko did a great job as well. Thanks for sharing.

by jrob Moderator 25 Jul 2009

What a classy looking outfit! You AND Yoriko did a great job.

by manami 25 Jul 2009

I love the way you used the two parrots on those vine leave! You work is just amazing! Thank you for posting, I'm so pleased to see this!!Love, Yoriko

by edithfarminer 25 Jul 2009

Great match so all together

by waterlily 25 Jul 2009

These are awesome! Great job!

by lenamae 24 Jul 2009

beautiful yoriko And lovely work I love parrots I have a live one that talks all time.

by simplyrosie 24 Jul 2009

Yoriko does excellent work, doesn't she? And her prices aren't high like some of the other people selling designs. You both did an outstanding job! Love the parrots!

by mysew1325 24 Jul 2009

very cute..

by designgirl 24 Jul 2009


by pennifold 24 Jul 2009

That is simply stunning - well done to Yoriko too.

Love and blessings Chris

by asterixsew Moderator 24 Jul 2009

Great work and its good to read how it all was created

by shirlener88 24 Jul 2009

Wonderful work - congratulations to you and Yoriko. *4U