by tindo 21 Jul 2009

thank you cuties for my lovely vase of flowers...i am glad to be a member of a helpful group of people.


by simplyrosie 22 Jul 2009

Congrats... here's another flower for ya'!

by manami 22 Jul 2009

Congratulations, Marlene! Many more to come, for sure!

by kathyjt 22 Jul 2009

Here's you one more *4u

by gerryvb 22 Jul 2009

i agree this is such a cute family, enjoy the flowers!here's one more *

by sissibrode 22 Jul 2009

another one * for you Tindo

by lv2sew 22 Jul 2009

and another!** I agree. Everyone here is so kind and very helpful and also knowledgable..Oh and we are all very happy you are here!

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tindo by tindo 22 Jul 2009

thank you iv2sew i am glad to be here!

by colonies1 22 Jul 2009

congratulations and here is another..........

by dkjack 21 Jul 2009

Congradulations! You must have a very LARGE Vase. :)

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tindo by tindo 21 Jul 2009

i still have room for some more lovely flowers!

by jrob Moderator 21 Jul 2009

ah, and here is a tiara for reaching your 4000th mark.;)

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tindo by tindo 21 Jul 2009

thank you so much all i need now is somewhere to wear it....i guess in my sewing room would be ideal.!