by damaris 17 Jul 2009

What happened to the 'S' in the fun train font? No picture comes thru to me. How can I fix it? I got the 'R' and 'T'


by gerryvb 17 Jul 2009

i haven't seen s either, but please vote for the s ,there are 46 votes now, so vote and we will see.

by jofrog2000 17 Jul 2009

Here in NJ we had Q in the morning, S at night. No R at all until it was voted on and repeated. I have no problem with voting the S again, and have just done so. It's one thing to forget or otherwise miss letters, but when you have no control, it's annoying!

by stitchship 17 Jul 2009

We had the S before the R was repeated. Sorry you missed it. Maybe when the alpha is complete, we can all help you vote for the S, if you don't get it before then. *4all

by mops Moderator 17 Jul 2009

Just click on the x where the picture should be and everuthing works out well from there.

damaris by damaris 17 Jul 2009

'R' was up for 2 days. I didn't get the 'S'

mops by mops 17 Jul 2009

Vote for it, it's already on 40, far more than any of the other letters. The voting seems to interrupt the sequence.

damaris by damaris 17 Jul 2009