by mysticrainbow 16 Jul 2009

I am slowly learning my way around here. I just discovered how to mark a ? and ans. so I can find it again. Is there a place here to learn about all the goodies and how to use them? Thank you


by lbrow 16 Jul 2009

Welcome to cutes mystic. Looks like Marji got u all fixed up *

by marjialexa Moderator 16 Jul 2009

On the left side of the screen, above the blue words 'popular topics', there is a search box, it says 'search topic' inside. Type tutorial into that box, a blue box will then appear under it, with two words, 'tutorial' and 'tutorials'. Choose the SINGULAR, 'tutorial', and click on it. The search function will give you different results if you add the s. You will find all posts tagged tutorial, and if you look for my avatar, you should find ones designed to help you. Welcome to Cute, and best of luck. If you have any problems or questions, just ask. That search box can search for any tag, even if it isn't listed as 'popular topics'. Hugs, Marji

mysticrainbow by mysticrainbow 16 Jul 2009

Thank you. I am going to do that now. Every new thing I find is great. Been reading posts for quite awhile and finally got the nerve to explore. Exciting!

denice by denice 16 Jul 2009

I didn't ask the question but i have been thinking it as I find this site a bite challanging (took me ages to figure out how to post) Thank-you for those tutorials.

by debleerl 16 Jul 2009

There was a link, but I don't see it either. However, Marjialexa wrote most of the tutorials, so go to the community page and on the right side there is a small box that says "find a member", type marjialexa in the box and you will find all her posts.
Have fun and Welcome to the "Cute family".

by mops Moderator 16 Jul 2009

There are a number of tutorials, but I don't see 'tutorials' listed under 'all topics' (on the left)so I'm afraid I can't help you. Welcome to the site and a flower for you.