by ejtads 15 Jul 2009

I have been collecting the Pinecone Alphabet at I have not been able to log onto this site for several days. Has anyone else had trouble getting on this web site?


by marygrant 16 Jul 2009

The site is back up and I just downloaded the "X".

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 16 Jul 2009

Me too.

by stitchship 16 Jul 2009

You know, I was able to log on yesterday, but not today, Sorry, we had server problems a few days ago. I had no internet access at all. Our server was experiencing problems in our area.


by camylow 16 Jul 2009

well thank goodness its not just me....

by jrob Moderator 15 Jul 2009

there is a posting from jazzymag regarding this and their server problems....stand by someone will let us know when it is resolved.;)

by marymoore 15 Jul 2009

yes we all are they are having server problems right now

susieq2u by susieq2u 15 Jul 2009

Sonja posted on the Martha Pullen Forum that there was technical difficulties on the sight and she would surely leave it up a few days once things are up and running.

ejtads by ejtads 16 Jul 2009

Thank you for the info. I do not want to miss out to complete the set.