by bonita1313 09 Jul 2009

I am only able to find the letter "R" in this alphabet. It is too cute with two realistic rabbits intertwined in the letter "R". It is design id #35171.


by lbrow 11 Jul 2009

I'm glad they got u straightened out bonita. I love that little set of rabbits also & would like to see an entire alpha of them. Mayb one of these days. *

by bonita1313 11 Jul 2009

My apologies to Jrob for not getting back sooner. I did as you advised and clicked on the tag. When I realized the alphabet was not specifically a "Rabbit" alphabet (only the "R") my mind went BLANK. Talk about thinking within the box!! I just KNEW there would be ALL of these adorable bunny alphas. Soooo-I want to Thank you Jrob and also Marjialexa for the very much needed information.

by marjialexa Moderator 10 Jul 2009

Bonita, this is a screen shot of what you get when you go to 'Designs', and click on the blue word 'alphabet' in tags. This is not a 'rabbit alphabet', each letter shows a picture of a word that begins with that letter, they're not all rabbits, only the R. Good luck getting the one you want. Hugs, Marji

jrob by jrob 10 Jul 2009

Thanks Marji, I sometimes forget folks don't know what I'm thinking!

marjialexa by marjialexa 10 Jul 2009

Hi, Jerrilyn, you mean people can't read our minds, hee hee hee? Darn! Hugs, Marji

jrob by jrob 10 Jul 2009

hmmmm maybe that's a good thing!

by sewmom 09 Jul 2009

I have asked Veronica about this tag glitch. She said she would work on it but I know she is very busy.

by lflanders 09 Jul 2009

The rabbits are adorable.

by jrob Moderator 09 Jul 2009

This alphabet was not a complete set. Veronika is aware that the tags aren't working and has promised to try and fix it as soon as possible. I, too, LOVE the Rabbit. There were only 12 letters done in this group and they were from LONG ago. You can go to designs and click on the tag: Alphabets down on the left side and see all 12.;)

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dixie by dixie 10 Jul 2009

Jrob I just tried to see these and can not find them can you please tell me what else to try.
Did Veronika do this set or was it someone else do you know
Thank You

by sissibrode 09 Jul 2009

I did not find what alpha you talking about ... here? on cute ?

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bonita1313 by bonita1313 09 Jul 2009

Yes, it is from Cute. The picture is below. Thanks!!!!!

by bonita1313 09 Jul 2009

Attached is a picture of the design.

travis by travis 09 Jul 2009

What a cute font,,where do u get this font,,Barb

iris2006 by iris2006 10 Jul 2009

What a very cute font, I never saw it on this site. And I lokked under "alphabeth" and all the tags there. No Rabbit alpha there.